Warwick Arts Centre

RHWL, Coventry, 1974


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Conference room 

Richard Einzig and Bill Toomey     Download Original

  • Conference room    
  • Entrance facade of the Arts Centre    
  • Canopied entrance to the main foyer    
  • Main entrance to the administration block    
  • The Arts Centre and administration building    
  • Office courtyard    
  • Concrete blockwork finishes in foyer    
  • The Chaplaincy    
  • Main auditorium    
  • Variety of levels in foyer    
  • The coffee bar    
  • Level changes in foyer    
  • Foyer area    
  • Exposed timber construction of the Chaplaincy roof    
  • Site plan    
  • Plan of university around the Arts Centre    
  • Ground floor, first floor and second floor plans of Art Centre    
  • Cross section through foyer and auditorium    
  • Cut-away axonometric of the auditorium    

Social, cultural, and theatrical hub of the university with a 550-seat theatre, music centre, studio theatre, conference hall, coffee shop, bookshop, workshops, dressing rooms and ancillary accommodation

The auditorium seats 550 people in a single-space plan. The forestage can be lowered to accommodate more seats for visiting productions, or an orchestra for musical productions. A 20m fly tower and suspension grid is fitted to insert and move props and scenery around the stage.

The music department is a self-contained building opposited the concourse, holding a lobby/common room and nine practice rooms. The conference hall sits off the concourse and has 200 places. Its design, although on a larger scale, is based on the Aldrick Hall of Harvard Business School.

The chapel consists of one main room for religious meetings, which seats 150. There are other minor chaplains' rooms, library, coffee lounge and smaller chapel. The walls are white concrete blocks, timber framed windows, asbestos slate roof. The ceilings have exposed timber and the chapel floor is asbestos slate tiles.


  • Begun: Dec 1971
  • Completed: Nov 1974
  • Floor area: 6,143m2
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Education
  • Total cost: £958,260
  • Tender date: Jul 1970
  • Address: Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL , United Kingdom

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