Sherman Theatre

Alex Gordon & Partners, Cardiff, 1973


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Exterior from Senghenydd Road 

Stanley Travers     Download Original

  • Exterior from Senghenydd Road    
  • Sherman Theatre with Student Union in background    
  • View of audience    
  • The main auditorium    
  • Main auditorium from rear towards stage    
  • View of stage from back of auditorium    
  • Arena theatre from stage including grid    
  • View across foyer towards side entrance to auditorium    
  • Lounge bar from top of curved stairs    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Lower ground level plan    
  • Ground level plan    
  • Lounge level plan    
  • Upper level plan    
  • Longitudinal section    

University theatre equipped to a professional standard incorporating main auditorium, theatre in the round, workshops, rehearsal rooms, gallery and amenities

The Sherman Theatre was built as a twin-auditorium venue. This meets the briefs requirements of being able to accommodate a wide range of drama, music, and film simultaneously. The spaces needed to be flexible, to allow for workshops and teaching, professional and amateur performances.

The plan links the two auditoria by a common foyer. This serves a dual function of isolating the acoustics in each theatre, and marking the entrance from a main road into the foyer’s circulation space.

The main auditorium is based on an octagonal shape, and seats 475 people. This has a fixed stage measuring 11.66m wide and 5.59m high. Below is a pit for up to a 50-person orchestra. The flooring is modular, and comprises 64 panels. The smaller auditorium is an arena which can seat between 143 to 163 people.

The exterior of the theatre and the adjoining union are rectangular in shape and clad in dark red brick with minimal detailing.


  • Begun: Mar 1971
  • Completed: Apr 1973
  • Floor area: 1,711m2
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Education
  • Total cost: £420,964
  • Tender date: Sep 1970
  • Procurement: RIBA local authorities July 1969 revision
  • Address: Senghennydd Road , Cardiff, CF24 4YE, United Kingdom

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