Pontardawe Arts Centre

Niall Phillips Architects, Swansea, 1996


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Externally, there are few changes to the building 

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  • Externally, there are few changes to the building    
  • View of the entrance    
  • The public hall now has its own entrance and foyer    
  • View of the multi-purpose public hall    
  • The shared bar area to the west of the public hall    
  • The snooker hall is screened from the bar by a partly opaque acoustic glass wall    
  • Second floor top-lit attic gallery    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Section AA    
  • Cut-away isometric of porch structure and detail section through eaves    
  • Details    

Refurbishment of Pontardawe's 1908 working-men's institute to create a community arts centre including gallery space and a multi-purpose hall

The existing public hall was restored with provision made for the removal of seats to accommodate dance and musical events. Backstage space was redesigned to include WCs, changing rooms and two additional escape stairs.

The ground floor of the institute includes an exhibition space created by removing non-structural partitions, and, served by the new reception desk, an administration area and disabled WC.

A meeting room and a multi-purpose room have been provided on the first floor with adjacent changing facilities. On the second floor, partitions have been removed to create a top-lit studio/gallery space for arts clubs and classes.

The architect’s aim was to clarify circulation and arrange facilities so that separate building functions could operate independently. Most alterations to the building are internal, while the exterior has been restored and a glazed entrance added.


  • Completed: 1996
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Civic, Education, Sports and leisure
  • Total cost: £1.6M
  • Address: Herbert Street, Pontardawe, Swansea, SA8 4ED, United Kingdom

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