Bonn Square

Graeme Massie Architects, Oxford, 2008


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Bonn Square 

David Stewart     Download Original

  • Bonn Square    
  • Bonn Square    
  • Bonn Square    
  • Bonn Square    
  • Bonn Square    
  • Bonn Square     
  • Detail of the paving    
  • Detail of textures    
  • Site plan    
  • Plan    
  • Section    
  • Previous section through the square and surrounding area    
  • Bonn Square before the intervention    
  • Model photograph    
  • Church noticeboard detail    
  • Church seating    
  • Seating    
  • Litter bins    

Flexible events space which provides a safe and accessible venue for both formal and informal civic events and a backdrop to the life of the city

Oxford City Council commissioned the architects to design the flagship project in the redevelopment of the Oxford's west end, the city's principal commercial district, and a keystone in the City Council's Area Action Plan. Bonn Square was conceived to act as a catalyst for further regeneration.

Multiple surface textures allows for a subtle patterning and articulation of both anticipated usage and historic land ownership boundaries. The use of tone, modulation and varying texture lead to an expressive surface, which over time will wear, providing a trace of peoples movements through the square.

Similarly utilising time as an element of design, bronze furniture and fittings patinate and stain the limestone surface while tree species are selected for their seasonal variation.


  • Begun: Jan 2008
  • Completed: Oct 2008
  • Floor area: 998m2
  • Sectors: Public realm, Landscape design
  • Total cost: £1.5M
  • Procurement: JCT 2005 with Quantities
  • Address: Bonn Square, Oxford, OX1 1EU, United Kingdom

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