Braefoot 2

Studio KAP, Glasgow, 2020



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Twelve years after completing a two storey rear extension the same clients approached Studio KAP to help them resolve an awkward main entrance arrangement

Since the first commission with the clients, Studio KAP have retained a convivial relationship, often visiting their original extension with students.
he practice was delighted to be working with the client again and, as before, began the design process with a series of table top conversations about the issues they client was trying to resolve.

A series of hand sketches and a tiny card sketch model were used to quickly develop what was in effect a simple front and back porch. The bow tie-shaped plan of entrance and exit opened up an opportunity to create a form which contributed a more enigmatic character to the entrance side. The previous extension had utilised a very particular geometry in its configuration and it seemed appropriate to explore geometry once more for the new addition.

The sketch model was greeted with enthusiasm by the client who agreed with the material proposals and utilised the subsequent detailed construction drawings in the build process. Studio KAP were able to answer the few phone calls received during the build and were bowled over with the end result, given that the client was an ‘amateur’ builder constructing this in his spare time.

The result is a new striking porch facing south which ‘leans’ against the existing stone entrance wall, ‘folded’ to create a sunny external place. This piece of Iroko origami weathers in harmony with the old stonework. Studio KAP's approach to adding new 21st century additions, protects the existing building and helps its future development as a new form of settlement, not that different from the vernacular and distillery groupings of the disparate, but related buildings which are visible from the site towards Glengoyne.

Annual CO2 emissions data was not provided.


  • Begun: Sep 2017
  • Completed: Aug 2020
  • Floor area: 12m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £28,000
  • Funding: private
  • Tender date: Sep 2017
  • Procurement: Self Build
  • Address: St George's Road, Glasgow, G3, United Kingdom

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