Deerpark Cottage

Patrick Bradley Architects, Magherafelt, 2017


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Aidan Monaghan (website)     Download Original

  • Photo07_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Front_2017    
  • Photo01_Deerpark_Cottage_Old_Sketch_c.1930    
  • Photo02_Deerpark_Cottage_Orginal_External_c.1971    
  • Photo03_Deerpark_Cottage_Existing_External_Front_2016    
  • Photo04_Deerpark_Cottage_Existing_External_Rear_2016    
  • Photo05_Deerpark_Cottage_Existing_Internal_First_Floor_Bedroom_2016    
  • Photo06_Deerpark_Cottage_Existing_Internal_First_Floor_2016    
  • Photo08_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Rear_2017    
  • Photo09_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Rear_2017    
  • Photo10_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Rear_2017    
  • Photo11_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Front_Entrance_Gate_2017    
  • Photo12_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Kitchen_Dining_2017    
  • Photo13_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Living_2017    
  • Photo14_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Corridor_2017    
  • Photo15_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Landing_2017    
  • Photo16_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Bedroom_2017    
  • Photo17_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Sash_Window_2017    
  • Photo18_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_Internal_Sash_Window_2017    
  • Photo19_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Thatch_Eaves_2017    
  • Photo20_Deerpark_Cottage_Current_External_Front_Night_2017    
  • 01_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Location_Plan_and_Site_Plan    
  • 02_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Existing_Floor_Plans    
  • 03_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Proposed_Floor_Plans    
  • 04_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Existing_Elevations    
  • 05_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Proposed_Elevations    
  • 06_Deerpark_Cottage_Drawing1_Page-A4_Proposed_Detail_Sections    

Restoration of a dilapidated significant listed Irish thatched cottage back to its original character and sympathetically altered to facilitate modern living and building standards.

The restoration of Deerpark Cottage is a powerful example of a rural vernacular Irish listed thatched cottage, which is a significantly iconic landmark within the local community. It had been abandoned for decades and was left in a state of near disrepair after the thatched roof collapsed inwards, waterlogging the cottage. The aim of the project was to set about the restoration of the clients’ late aunts’ cottage to bring it back to life after it was bequeathed to her. It was sympathetically altered to facilitate modern day living and building standards with the inclusion of internal bathrooms and a guest bedroom with its own rear entrance. The external remained true to its characters and all existing fabric was retained and refurbished. It is obvious the local community are precious about this landmark and are delighted to see the cottage restored back to its full glory, retaining its original character. It has brought a sense of ownership back to the community for the older population who now can proudly pass it on to the future generations heritage for many more years.


  • Begun: Sep 2016
  • Completed: Jun 2017
  • Floor area: 194m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £156,000
  • Funding: Historic Buildings Grant-Aid from the Department of Communities
  • Tender date: Aug 2016
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • CO2 Emissions: -kg/m2/year
  • Address: 28 Deerpark Road, Bellaghy, Magherafelt, BT45 8LB, United Kingdom