Falmouth University BA Architecture, Cape Cornwall, 2019


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First year students on the BA(hons) Architecture course at Falmouth University designed and constructed a temporary screening room on a remote cliiftop site overlooking Cape Cornwall

The structure forms part of a wider arts project co funded by the Arts Council England and the National Trust. The project, called Gorthwedh, a Cornish word meaning ‘contrast’ responds to the wider landscape of West Penwith, Kenidjack, Cape Cornwall and the Tin Coast, a dramatic coastline, exposed to the Atlantic and a place rich in mining and industrial history. The film screened in the structure was created by local artist Callum Mitchel and contains a series of interview with local residents telling their stories of this unique place.

The structure was co-designed by students with support from academic staff and visiting professionals. It is part of our live build module at the University of Falmouth, a key part of the course and a unique opportunity for students to work on a real building. The structure sits within a rewilded quarry forming a niche within the landscape. It reinterprets a language of agricultural buildings locally as well as adding a contrast to the rugged granite backdrop of the quarry. In scale it responds to adjacent settlements and buildings including the distinctive ruins of Kenidjack castle and the industrial ruins. Designed in a series of components, built by students in the workshops in Falmouth, the structure was assembled over two weeks and remained in place for a month before being dismantled and removed ready for a new life at the Eden Project.

The structure is a simple timber frame, clad with reclaimed timber panels from a local barn. Profiled bitumen sheet cladding covers the roof and a large sliding door which incorporates the screen and was designed to frame the spectacular view towards Cape Cornwall.

Designed and constructed by first year architecture students at Falmouth University supported by academic staff Tom Ebdon, Course Director Toby Carr, Senior Lecturer, Site management and CDM Mark Innes, Module Leader Dan Ranson, Visiting Lecturer Additional site team and deconstruction Bram T Stoke Andrew Bird Site access and logistics in collaboration with National Trust rangers Chirs Fry Luke Holland.

All photography by Steve Tanner


  • Begun: Nov 2019
  • Completed: Nov 2019
  • Floor area: 18m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £11,500
  • Funding: Arts Council England, National Trust
  • Tender date: Sep 2019
  • Procurement: Bespoke agreement, design and build contract
  • Address: Kenidjack Quarry, Cape Cornwall, United Kingdom

Professional Team