Cwtch House

ALT-Architecture, Cardiff, 2019


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The new extension replaces a small, dark, cold, cramped kitchen with a light-filled space for the family to gather, cook, eat and relax

A view from the front door through the house to the garden is created, intriguing and inviting visitors into the new space.

Glazed aluminium-framed bifold doors fold back to open up the corner of the space to the beauty of the garden and allow the dining space to spill out onto the patio on sunny days.

A brick ‘arm’ wraps around and embraces the space, culminating in a hearth, making the room feel cosy and welcoming. Built-in seating provides a place to relax and read a book in front of the fire, enjoy a coffee with friends or sit and watch the children play.

Rooflights wash the painted exposed reclaimed brick walls with natural light, bringing out their texture.

The space in filled with daylight, even on cloudy days. A utility room houses laundry facilities and additional storage space which can be hidden away behind the sliding door.


  • Begun: Jan 2019
  • Completed: Aug 2019
  • Floor area: 40m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £132
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Sep 2018
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works 2016
  • Address: Cardiff, Cardiff, CF14, United Kingdom

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