Front Street

Jonathan Mole Architects, East Boldon, 2016


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Garden Room Entrance 

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  • Garden Room Entrance    
  • 04 June 2016    
  • 05 June 2011    
  • Relationship to Existing    
  • Interior of Garden Room    
  • View out of Garden Room    
  • Garden Room Interior    
  • Weathered Cladding    
  • Ground Floor Plan    
  • First Floor Plan    
  • West Elevation    
  • Rear Elevation    
  • Section AA    
  • Phases Diagram    
  • Existing    
  • Phase 1    
  • Phase 1     
  • Phase 1    
  • Site boundaries    
  • Original Ground Floor Plan    
  • Original First Floor Plan    
  • Section BB    
  • Section Details    

A two phase project to extend a pair of neighbouring houses in the East Boldon Conservation Area, housing two generations of the same family.

The extensions were designed to be sympathetic to the existing buildings and to maximise a limited budget. Selective demolitions were carried out, but existing fabric was retained where possible and new additions were clad or built in complementary materials.

Set in a mature garden, the building is seen only a bit at a time from varied vantage points between the planting, or glimpsed in part from the front street. The main new space is designed with open views to the garden from a raised level, so as to feel as connected as possible to the outside, where the clients spend most of their free time.

The first phase of the project was designed and constructed in 2011. The client purchased the property next door to house their elderly parents. A two storey extension was added to provide a new kitchen, utility room, two double bedrooms and a bathroom, whilst also solving overlooking issues that resulted from the unusual arrangement of the property boundaries (a common feature of the locality).

The new roof was cranked and finished in reclaimed natural slate, allowing it to blend visually with the existing roof when viewed from the client's own rear garden. The cedar cladding to the upper floor was allowed to weather to silver and complement the tone of the new and existing stonework.

Phase 2 was completed a few years later, in June 2016 using the same palette of materials. A 50 square metre addition to the client's own home provided them with a large space to host parties that could spill out to the connected patio and garden.

A continuing story: the client continues to sculpt the garden to the framed views, as the building materials weather and soften to blend further into their surroundings.


  • Completed: Jun 2016
  • Floor area: 83m2
  • Sectors: Residential, House
  • Total cost: £105,643
  • Address: Front Street, East Boldon, NE36 0SA, United Kingdom

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