Acute Intervention

David Stanley Architects, London, 2017


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Rear Elevation 

Juliet Murphy (website)     Download Original

  • Rear Elevation    
  • View of Lounge    
  • View of Kitchen/ Dining    
  • View towards Conservatory    
  • Stainless/ CorTen/ Timber    
  • Timber/ Timber Threshold Detail    
  • Framed Sky Detail    
  • Glass to Glass    
  • The Island    
  • Kitchen Detail    
  • Kiddy Storage    
  • The Reading Nook    
  • Post Shelf & Coat Hooks    
  • Entrance Corridor    
  • Entrance Corridor with Fire Door    
  • Daughters    
  • Daughters    
  • Master Bedroom    
  • Master Bed    
  • Space Saving Storage    
  • Bathroom Vanity & View    
  • The Bunker    
  • From Desk Till Dawn    
  • The Kitchenette    
  • View of Shower Room    
  • Space Creating Storage    
  • View out the Office Window    
  • Night Shift - 1    
  • Night Shift - 2    
  • 001-Ground Floor Plan Before    
  • 002-Ground Floor Plan After    
  • 003-First Floor Plan After    
  • 004-Longitudian Section 01    
  • 005-Longitudinal Section 02    
  • 006-Rear and Bunker Elevations    
  • Rear Elevation - Before Work Begins    
  • Rear Elevation - Demolition of Rear Bay    
  • Rear Elevation - A Forest of Acro Props    
  • Construction of the Bunker    
  • Goal Post Structure    
  • New Communal Fence/ Cladding    
  • New Boundary Condition    
  • New Conservatory Roof Structure    
  • Conservatory Roof Form(ed)    
  • New Conservatory Roof from Neighbouring Property    
  • Bathroom Oriel Window - Exterior    
  • Bathroom Oriel Window - Interior    
  • Poured Concrete Finish    
  • Conservatory Timber Cladding    
  • Barbecue Backdrop Takes Shape    
  • Polished Finish    
  • Kitchen Island Unit    
  • Conservatory Roof as Viewed from Neighbouring Property (from garden)    
  • Conservatory Roof as Viewed from Neighbouring Property (from above)    
  • View Along Edge of Burnt Timber Cladding    
  • 007-Rear Conservatory - Plan    
  • 008-Rear Conservatory - Roof, Wall and Soffit Cladding    
  • 009-Rear Conservatory - Section through Sliding Doors    
  • 010-Rear Conservatory - Roof and Threshold Details    
  • 011-Bunker - Plan    
  • 012-Bunker - Section    
  • 013-Service Corridor - Plan    
  • 014-Service Corridor - Section and Elevation    

Refurbishment of a two storey residential Victorian terrace flat.

The metamorphosis strategy adopted was to extend out to create a flexible family room; and to dig down to create an independent sunken office and fully functional granny annex – the garden being the focus
iews to and from the garden are framed through panes of (almost) frameless glass. A blackened timber cladding we liken to a snug fitting Balmoral bonnet sits atop this ephemeral border, which makes a striking contrast to the beech timber panels cladding the walls and ceiling of the Lounge.

From the comfort of the sofa, the striations of the laminated timber panels direct the eye up towards a small roof light that catches the golden hue of the late afternoon sun. These same beech panels are further employed to articulate the various activity spaces throughout the flat – the reading ‘nook’; the utility shelf; the concealed fire door; the cubbyholes. At the heart of the family room is the undulating bespoke Kitchen island unit. Constructed of oak veneered boards and floating on a sea of concrete this piece of landscaped furniture was designed to encourage the interaction of everyday family life.

At the end of the day it is the views framed by this architecture that are most remarkable and eye catching – from the majestic tree ferns in the ‘Zen’ garden to the Chinese Rosebud and Carpinous Domes in the blackened timber planters. And when the last rays of the setting sun hit the Corten BBQ backdrop with a reddish-orange glow… could that be a hint?


  • Begun: Jan 2016
  • Completed: Mar 2017
  • Floor area: 95m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £225,000
  • Tender date: Aug 2015
  • Procurement: JCT Minor Works with Contract Design Elements
  • Address: 99 John Ruskin Street, London, se5 0pq, United Kingdom

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