Project Lacey Green

Clementine Blakemore, Buckinghamshire, 2015


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Clementine Blakemore     Download Original

  • The intersection between the wall, roof & back gable     
  • Play of light and shade on the interior surfaces of the pavilion     
  • Children playing inside the pavilion     
  • Children playing inside the pavilion     
  • View through the back lattice structure    
  • Children playing in and around the pavilion    
  • Child jumping through the timber lattice structure    
  • The reciprocal timber frame structure before roof cladding     
  • The pavilion prior to the installation of floor joist and deck boards    
  • Long section for planning application     
  • Elevations for planning application    
  • Exploded Axonometric    
  • Schedule of timber lattice pieces for back gable wall    
  • Portal frame joint details     
  • Pupil from St. John    
  • 1:1 mock-up    
  • CNC-milling of timber lattice pieces    
  • Assembled roof and wall panels     
  • CNC-milled lattice pieces pre-assembled on the school playground    
  • Volunteers helping to raise the back gable wall into place     
  • The workshop team sitting on the CNC-milled lattice pieces prior to assembly     
  • The structural frame before cladding     
  • Timber joint details     

Collaborative construction of reciprocal frame timber structure, to be used as a music pavilion for a rural primary school

Project Lacey Green is concerned with the relationship between design, making and place – examining how the communal act of building can affect architectural processes and forms.

Initiated as a final design thesis at the Royal College of Art, the built outcome of the first phase is a new music pavilion for St John’s School.

It was developed with input from construction professionals, teachers, parents, children, and a team of international design students who participated in a two-week design/build workshop. Regional manufacturers and suppliers enabled the project through the provision of in-kind donations, and the timber structure was fabricated at Grymsdyke Farm, a research and production facility in the village. As a reciprocal frame, with each member resting on the adjacent one to create an interlocking lattice, the structural design reflects the ethos of collaboration and interdependence within the project as a whole.

The double-pitched volume, clad in black lapped timber siding, references the local vernacular of barns and outhouses. Whilst the back of the building is braced by the lattice structure, the front portal frame remains open – allowing for performances in the summer, when an audience can sit on the grassy mounds in front of the pavilion.

The design development of the second phase, when the space will be enclosed as an interior classroom, will start in the New Year – with a view to construction taking place over summer 2016. Through this process of incremental and collaborative completion, the project suggests ways in which built structure can become an ongoing framework for social and cultural infrastructure.


  • Begun: Apr 2015
  • Completed: Dec 2015
  • Floor area: 40m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £40,000
  • Funding: In-kind donations of materials, tools & expertise
  • Address: St. John's Church of England School, Main Rd, Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0PL, United Kingdom

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