Bluebird Garage

CD Partnership, London, 1997


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A timber grid imposes order on exposed services 

Stafford Cliff and David Brittain     Download Original

  • A timber grid imposes order on exposed services    
  • An Art Deco facade with polite neo-Georgian wings    
  • A market canopy is the focus of a new square    
  • The chef shop, with Greek holiday feel    
  • Produce is displayed in islands rather than aisles    
  • Flowers add colour to the forecourt    
  • A cafe with a continental feel    
  • The crustacea bar - one of many focal points of the restaurant    
  • Regimented groceries, understated Conran design    
  • Restored small-paned copper-lite screens    
  • Simple ply display units    
  • Simple ply display units    
  • The restaurant    
  • Wooden panelling creates a club feel    
  • Entrance to the Bluebird Club, with a modern equivalent of the clubhouse wall    
  • Basement plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Cross section    
  • Long section    
  • Club interior - original sketch    

Conversion of a Grade-II listed garage into a Gastrodome housing a food market, restaurant, bar and private club

Originally built in 1923, the Bluebird garage was the largest motor garage in Europe. The main exterior facade, in a loose Art-Deco style with classical details and neo-Georgian wings, has been retained. The original lights have been replaced as have the small-paned copper-lite screens.

The exterior space has been transformed into public space. Paved in Yorkstone and Scottish Granite, a canopied market stall acts as the main focus. With a florist and kitchen shop to either side.

All floors were originally connected by car ramps. The only remaining ramp leads into the basement, where a carpark, production kitchen, staff room and plant room are now housed. The ground floor is column-free, ideal for a large-supermarket with customised ply shelving. The first floor contains a restaurant, bar and private dining club. The floor slab is hung from an exposed steel trussed-roof. A continuous rooflight has been added to allow for natural daylighting.


  • Completed: Mar 1997
  • Floor area: 4,500m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £10M
  • Procurement: JCT80
  • Address: 350 King's Road, London, SW3 5UU , United Kingdom

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