Long Studio

Threefold Architects, Norfolk, 2011


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Field view - summer 

Charles Hosea (website)     Download Original

  • Field view - summer    
  • Close up field view - summer    
  • Field view - late summer    
  • Field view - dusk    
  • View from south west    
  • Detail view of south gable    
  • Garden view from west    
  • Interior view looking south    
  • Interior view looking north    
  • Internal view of clerestorey window    
  • Detail of clerestorey window    
  • Interior detail    
  • Sink view    
  • Interior studio view    
  • Timber frame axonometric    
  • Section    
  • Typical Eaves Detail    
  • Typical Clerestorey Section    
  • Clerestorey Window Detail    
  • Materials Schedule    
  • Materials Schedule 2    

Set within the flatlands of rural norfolk and inspired by the local agricultural vernacular this zero carbon artists studio was designed to capture the sky

This simple linear, black clad building occupies a position on the boundary between garden, fields and sky, designed with a simple portal frame timber structure to create an inspirational space that could be constructed by the client themselves.

It creates a straight forward and flexible volume for the creation of art that is unexpectedly and vividly animated by light and views. The entire length of the eastern field elevation is punctuated by a continuous horizon level clerestory window that frames views of the constantly shifting sky whilst large sliding glass doors that open the space up to the mature garden and the afternoon sun to the west.

All of the timber used for the construction of the building is sustainably sourced, rainwater is harvested and the cladding is made from recycled cellulose fibre. The studio is heated by a wood burning stove, insulated by sheeps wool and all its electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels.


  • Begun: Jul 2011
  • Completed: Dec 2011
  • Floor area: 30m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £37,500
  • Procurement: Self build by Client
  • Address: Norfolk, United Kingdom

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