Atmos, London, 2012


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Fish eye view up to desk and shelf supports-atmos 

Alex Haw     Download Original

  • Fish eye view up to desk and shelf supports-atmos    
  • Distant view of room    
  • View of new space swelling from existing    
  • View on entry, slipped to side    
  • Bed-side peep window    
  • Detail of glazed facade    
  • View of glazed facade from below    
  • Closeup panorama up tp glazing    
  • Little people love alcoves    
  • Closeup panorama into stair alcoves    
  • Frontal View of stairs    
  • Panoramic frontal view of stairs    
  • Close up view up stairs    
  • Close up view of stair oak    
  • Detail of stair handrail merging with window    
  • Stairs for kids    
  • View down stair spiral array    
  • Detail of carved hole between sculpted tread floorboards    
  • Detailed view of structures behind glazing    
  • Closeup of desk supports from outside    
  • Closeup of diagonal desk oak supports    
  • View of entry door frame    
  • View into room from door ultrawide    
  • View up to ceiling ribs from under desk    
  • View into room from door    
  • Low view out from room    
  • Detail of carved shutters    
  • View of bed-side window joinery    
  • View to headboard right    
  • Detail of shelf above bed    
  • View down from room    
  • View of edge of desk    
  • View down over edge of desk    
  • View from room towards door    
  • Telescopic view to door    
  • View along rhythmic floor ribs    
  • Fish eye ultrapanoramic view up to desk and to door    
  • View along base of desk supports    
  • Desk supports sliding back into floor    
  • View up to desk supports    
  • View up to desk    
  • Panoramic View up to desk    
  • View of joinery to storage cupboard    
  • Panoramic view down of shelves    
  • Panoramic view of shelves    
  • Panoramic View up of mirrored shelves    
  • View up to ceiling ribs from bed    
  • View out across ceiling ribs    
  • View into room(s) from outside    
  • Plan    
  • Front elevation    
  • Right elevation    
  • Exploded axonometric    
  • Section    
  • Section - desk - with people    
  • Section - stairs - with people    
  • Section - headboard    
  • Section - bedside storage    
  • Section    
  • Section    
  • Section - desk services    
  • Section    
  • Section    
  • Section    
  • 1st sketch for client    
  • interior sketch of fourposter bed    
  • sketch of corner window    
  • early-desk-supports    
  • Detail of junction between fabricated plywood and glass door, floor, ribs and existing building    
  • Instructions for placing positioning panels    
  • Instructions for assembling rib 04    
  • Instructions on Rib 05 details    
  • Instructions on rib 06 flooring    

The clients for this small residential jewel have an expanding family but fixed walls. Since they couldn’t expand upwards or outwards, we had to build inwards. We designed a room within a room

The project was generated from simple but severe planometric and sectional constraints, literally growing from its context. Its volume tucks into a corner to take up minimum volume, yet its innards array to maximise the sense of interior spaciousness. The room packs a series of planes and pockets that carefully combine minimal volume with maximum pleasure. Barely shoulder-width at its exposed elevation, the room offers a rich, sensual, multi-programmed journey from door to bed.

The structure’s thin CNC-cut plywood ribs swell and retract to provide integrated furniture and shelving, their outer skin sheathed in glowing plasterboard that blends back into the existing room. The room is accessed by a spiralling set of stairs that grow from the corner of the room and flow between the pillars of the entry portal, their lower levels continuing as a series of alcove shelves beneath. The bed cantilevers over the floor to offer sufficient legroom for its future transformation into an extension of the generous desk as the children grow and migrate, and the room becomes a workspace.

The room arrived flat-packed in the back of a truck, and was rapidly unfolded into a set of ribs that were connected and erected within a day


  • Begun: Feb 2012
  • Completed: Mar 2012
  • Floor area: 16m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £19,000
  • Tender date: Dec 2011
  • Procurement: MInor Works
  • Address: London, United Kingdom

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