Pure Groove

Threefold Architects, London, 2008


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Pure Groove in context 

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  • Pure Groove in context    
  • View of shop facade    
  • The shop floor    
  • Record displays    
  • Top 100 Records    
  • Attention to detail by Threefold with quirky hanging stores     
  • Bespoke display cases    
  • Records can be seen from outside    
  • Records hung from steel rails means the space can be transformed    
  • Bespoke display units and the flexible interior    
  • Suspended record creating an exciting display    
  • Detail of bespoke unit    
  • Plan    
  • Photomontage     
  • Space planning    
  • Exploded diagram of table unit    
  • Proposed counter unit showing revised colours    
  • Aluminium bosshead    
  • Steel rail detail    
  • Proposed steel shelving unit    
  • Proposed steel folded shelving unit    
  • Proposed hanging storage units    
  • Powder coated folded steel panels    

A new shop, live performance and art space for an established independent record label

The design aimed to expose the texture and history of the existing building with bespoke insertions using an intentionally pared down pallette of materials.

The space is flexible enough to be transformed from a store to a gallery to a cinema to a music venue capable of accommodating live bands and hundreds of fans.

The key display component is the ‘Pure Groove Top 100’ a bespoke display of 100 items created from a series of five steel rails wrapping around the walls of the shop from which 100 items are suspended by laboratory clamps, creating a vibrant floating and constantly changing collage from the shapes, colours and materials of the items displayed.


  • Begun: Feb 2008
  • Completed: May 2008
  • Floor area: 185m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £182,900
  • Procurement: JCT MWD 2005 (Revision 1 2007)
  • Address: 6-7 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9JX, United Kingdom

Professional Team