Florey Building, Queen's College

James Stirling, Oxford, 1966


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The entrance is into a tower containing the lift and main staircase, with a glazed bridge connecting each floor 

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  • The entrance is into a tower containing the lift and main staircase, with a glazed bridge connecting each floor    
  • The court, seen from across a branch of the Cherwell    
  • North-west corner showing subsidary staircases    
  • The court - the windvane is attached to the ventilation shaft of the breakfast room kitchen    
  • One of the four flights of steps which cut up from the cloister into the court between each pair of structural frames    
  • The ante-rom, with the way down to the breakfast room on the left    
  • Covered area beneath the building, with the entrance to cloister and court in the centre and the porters    
  • First floor room with view into court    
  • First floor room showing split-level    
  • The glazed bridge connection to the top floor    
  • The second-floor bridge with the main staircase on the left    
  • Looking down into the court from one of the split-level rooms on the upper floors    
  • One of the subsidary staircases    
  • Plans    
  • Plans    
  • Site plan    
  • Schematic plan of Florey building    
  • Sectional elevation looking west    
  • West-east section through ante-room, breakfast room and kitchen    
  • West-east section through breakfast room    
  • North-south section    
  • Sectional perspectives of rooms    
  • External view    
  • Axonometric from the north, with the branch of the Cherwell in the foreground    
  • Planometric    
  • Axonometric of subsidary staircase    

Accommodation for students and research fellows planned around an irregularly shaped court

The main structure consists of 11 reinforced concrete frames of irregular A shape placed at 7m spacings linked by spine beams at each floor. Red ceramic tiles clad the main structure and paving for the courtyard.

In designing the accommodation, it was emphasised that nothing should be done which would encourage the building to become a social centre in competition with the main college buildings in the High Street. There are 74 single rooms for undergraduates, three rooms for research fellows and one apartment for a Bachelor fellow.

All residential rooms are positioned around the inner court side of the building, and every undergraduate will be able to see across the river and the Oxford skyline. Only a small length of facade faces directly north with all other rooms receiving either early morning or evening sunlight.

The rooms are accommodated on five floors, the top two floors being planned as a single level of studio rooms.


  • Completed: 1966
  • Floor area: 2,694m2
  • Sectors: Residential, Education
  • Total cost: £320,000
  • Address: The Queens College, High St, Oxford, OX1 4AW, United Kingdom

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