Number One Poultry

James Stirling, Michael Wilford & Partners, London, 1996


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View of facade from the Poultry and Queen Victoria Street 

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  • View of facade from the Poultry and Queen Victoria Street    
  • The Queen Victoria Street elevation    
  • View of the prow    
  • The core cylinder is invaded by triangles of office accommodation    
  • Office space invades the central cylinder    
  • Entrance on Poultry     
  • The formal gardens on the prow of the building    
  • The circular rooftop garden    
  • Internal view of the underground concourse    
  • View of the tunnel to the upper piazza    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Concourse level plan    
  • Fourth floor plan    
  • Elevation    
  • Axonometric section    
  • The Mappin & Webb building    
  • Cut-away isometric detail of canopy    
  • Long section A-A of canopy    
  • Long section B-B of canopy    
  • Cross section C-C through canopy    
  • Plan of canopy at roof level    

City office block with a roof garden and internal public space that links to Bank station

Number One Poultry is built on the site of the former Mappin and Webb building, which was controversially demolished in 1994. Stirling's design was finalized in 1988 but when he died unexpectedly in 1992, no construction had begun. Michael Wilford, Stirling's partner, completed the work, adhering to the original design.

The office accommodation has a triangular plan with a cylindrical core that is open to the sky. The main entrance is situated at the 'prow' and is signalled by a clock.

The stone-clad facade is treated in bands of beige and pink with huge cornices and industrial windows. Punched-out triangles, circles and squares highlight the geometries of the building.


  • Begun: 1986
  • Completed: 1996
  • Floor area: 13,000m2
  • Sectors: Office, Retail
  • Address: No 1 Poultry, The City, London, EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom

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