Keble College, Oxford

ABK Architects, Oxford, 1977


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Butterfield Building reflected in the glazed inner face 

John Donat (website)     Download Original

  • Butterfield Building reflected in the glazed inner face    
  • Looking south towards the quad    
  • Looking north along the glazed walkway    
  • Glazed inner face of walkway    
  • The quad seen from the upper floors    
  • Looking from the walkway towards the octagonal staircase    
  • The brick outer face from the car park    
  • Seating built in to a side-lit recess in one of the corner rooms for fellows or graduates    
  • Small kitchen off staircase    
  • Staircase    
  • Window seat in an undergraduate room    
  • Fellow    
  • Fellow    
  • Desk in undergraduate room    
  • Undergraduate room    
  • The turret staircase    
  • Detail of bed showing laminate timber board    
  • Detail of bed    
  • Site plan    
  • Plans    
  • Section    
  • Plan showing pair of undergraduate rooms    
  • Plan showing two corner rooms    
  • Section through glazed wall    
  • Plan and section of staircase    
  • Detailed section stair drawings    
  • Detailed section of stair    

Block of 89 study bedrooms, 13 larger bedrooms, two flats, a common room and related facilities, a workshop and electricity transformer station

The block descends in height from five storeys to one, where the common room connects to the existing Butterfield building. The study bedrooms are situated at the higher end of the building, and arranged in pairs off the staircases. Each floor of glazing projects slightly from the face, with chamfers above and below, and there is a continuous pattern of brown mullions.

The exterior to Blackhall Road is formed with honey-coloured brick, with paviours leading to a covered walkway. The inner walls are blockwork, with a brown acrylic-painted aluminium patent glazing. Bronze tinted glass faces the internal quad, in contrast with the exterior brick. The same brick and glass arrangement is used to the corresponding faces of the middle common room, which has an entrance down the steps made from matching paviours.


  • Begun: 1971
  • Completed: 1977
  • Floor area: 1,466m2
  • Sectors: Education, Residential
  • Funding: Keble College
  • Address: Keble College, Blackhall Road, Oxford, OX1 3QF, United Kingdom

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