The Burrell Collection

Barry Gasson Architects, Glasgow, 1983


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Cafeteria projects from and wraps around the main frame of the building 

A. L. Hunter     Download Original

  • Cafeteria projects from and wraps around the main frame of the building    
  • Exterior view of the gallery    
  • Glazed north face of the Burrell    
  • Looking from the wood into one of the top-lit galleries    
  • Museum entrance    
  • Burrell in evening light    
  • Rafter held above column head    
  • South-facing gallery with precessional walkway of stained glass    
  • North and south perimeter are connected by two daylit cross-route galleries    
  • Top-lit gallery    
  • Top-lit gallery in winter evening light    
  • Along the perimeter of the north-facing galleries    
  • Main north-facing gallery    
  • Main courtyard leading off entrance hall    
  • Main courtyard, the 16th century doorway is from Hornby Castle, Yorkshire    
  • Low winter sunlight casts deep shadows in the sloping clerestory restaurant and the connecting passageway above    
  • Triple-height space overlooking the restaurant    
  • View towards the west wall of the restaurant    
  • Museum restaurant    
  • Glazed north wall meets picture gallery along the eastern perimeter    
  • The courtyard, surrounded on three sides by reconstructed rooms from Burrell    
  • Artificially lit gallery in the centre of the building    
  • William Burrell    
  • Carved stone doorway     
  • Mezzanine gallery    
  • Studied corner of museum    
  • Lecture theatre    
  • Entrance clad in Dumfries sandstone    
  • Tall concrete columns become like objects in the collection    
  • Beams and rafters meeting the north glazed wall    
  • Interior view of glazed roof    
  • Site plan    
  • Lower level plan    
  • Entrance level plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Top floor plan    
  • North-south section    
  • West-east section    
  • 1ection running from the full glazed gallery in the north through to curatorial staff offices facing south    
  • Section running from the narrow end of the north glazed gallery through to the main entrance to the south    
  • Arial view of model    
  • Patent glazing bar details to angled restaurant wall, early (top) and final (bottom) designs    

Museum in Glasgow's Pollok Country Park, home to the art collection of Sir William Burrell, a local wealthy industrialist

The Burrell Collection is a purpose built pavilion set in Scottish parkland, not far from Glasgow's city centre. The surrounding foliage is incorporated into the design, which allows dappled light to filter through the glazing along the north wall while the shading from the trees prevents too much solar gain.

The organisation of the museum in plan allows visitors to either negotiate the exhibitions by following a circular peripheral route or alternatively to criss-cross the museum down the narrow galleries. Areas have been specifically designed to best display the art within them. Brightly sky-lit spaces, for example, are appropriate for displaying Oriental pieces, whilst hollowed walls are suitable for showcasing smaller works.

The collection of medieval stone doors and windows have been integrated into the fabric of the building, a prerequisite to the design specified early on in the project.

The predominant materials are sandstone, stainless steel and glass. Tubular steel columns support the timber and steel roof trusses, and the walls are comprised of sandstone blockwork. Floors are mainly stone, with some areas of timber or carpet, and over the museum spans a laminated timber and boarded roof.


  • Begun: Apr 1978
  • Completed: Mar 1983
  • Floor area: 14,430m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £16.5M
  • Tender date: Nov 1977
  • Procurement: JCT '63 Edition '76 Revision Fully Fluctuating
  • Address: The Burrell Collection, Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, G43 1AT, United Kingdom

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