Tolladine Sure Start and Community Centre

Ann Griffin, Philip Meadowcroft, Worcester, 2005


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Rose Avenue elevation, dormer window 

David Grandorge     Download Original

  • Rose Avenue elevation, dormer window    
  • Canopied entrance    
  • Rowan Avenue elevation, the new exterior    
  • Galvanized steel mesh    
  • The youth club    
  • New entrance, the interior    
  • Nursery    
  • Skylight marking threshold between new entrance and the external wall of the existing church    
  • Site plan phase one    
  • Site plan phase two    
  • Existing ground floor plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Section A    
  • Section B    
  • East elevation    
  • North elevation    
  • South elevation    
  • The 1930s church building before the work began    
  • Project poster    
  • Graphic anticipation of interior    
  • Annotated elevation of the centre in context    
  • Section through dormer    
  • Dormer window plan    
  • Section through east dormer    
  • Corner plan    

Conversion and extension of a 1930s church building in to a community centre, which accommodates a nursery, parent training facilities, youth group, and local health services for the elderly

Meadow Croft and Griffin were commissioned to revitalize this building, as one of three Sure Start projects completed in 2005. Their project sought to create an integrated community space by the introduction of two new wings alongside the existing building.

The roof is the most substantial alteration; a mono-pitch roof covering is added to resolve waterproofing and heat-loss problems. The new roofs are also made from these materials, but a skylight also marks the threshold between the buildings. New timber rafters support the existing concrete roof, and on which, insulated steel-profiled roof panels are fixed.

The street wing is clad in anti-graffiti steel panels, with a simple screw detail. A large dormer window cuts across it. A large glazed door entrance also welcomes the community. Brightly painted blockwork and a galvanised-steel mesh also contribute to this effect.


  • Begun: Sep 2004
  • Completed: Jul 2005
  • Floor area: 534m2
  • Sector: Civic
  • Total cost: £535,277
  • Tender date: Feb 2003
  • Procurement: JCT98
  • Address: Tolly Centre, Rowan Avenue, Tolladine, Worcester, WR4 9QW, United Kingdom

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