Lockdown Loft 62

Studiotwentysix, Hove, 2021



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In a direct response to pandemic life, the family set a brief to transform a traditional Edwardian Brighton home and inject new contemporary space which redefined the meaning of home.

There is a distinct juxtaposition between contemporary modern and the 19th-century character which is reflected in the architectural approach; what demanded privacy in the Edwardian era now opens up to new possibilities with the simplicity, sustainability, modernity and playfulness of the loft.

As you climb upwards through the darker historic parts of the family home you transition into a warm and inviting light-filled loft space lined in birch ply
he full volume of the main loft space adds drama; achieved by exposed cranked steel beams supporting the existing roof and allowing the sloped birch plywood wall linings to extend to meet the floor. All achieved without impacting the existing ridge line, so from the street frontage there is little indication of the striking modern intervention that lies behind the historic facade.

Triple sloped roof windows extend from the roof apex to the floor, which allows both light and views into both the tree canopies to the north and to the sea allowing the younger children to connect with nature. The creation of connectivity with nature and to prioritise the children as much as the adults in the home was a critical part of the brief; spaces for reflection, concentration, places to work and to play as individuals and family have been created.

A triangular snug within the eaves of the gable end. A dormer extends to the ear with a study and bathroom; full height windows afford chimney views and triangular gable windows facing to the sea across the rooftops of Brighton.

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  • Begun: Jun 2021
  • Completed: Dec 2021
  • Floor area: 55m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £145,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Mar 2020
  • Procurement: Fixed price lump sum
  • Address: Highdown Road, Hove, BN3 6ED, United Kingdom

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