Twofold House

Space Group of Architects, London, 2020



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A large rear extension on the ground floor as well as a partial remodel of the layout. an additional bathroom on the first floor, and a loft conversion .

The existing building is an imposing double fronted Edwardian house located at the end of a terrace in the Woodgrange Conservation Area.

The loft conversion was added into the existing, wonky roof, which required a rethink of the vertical circulation throughout the building whilst minimisin
he impact onto the existing structure.

Large, openable glass-to-glass sliding doors sit seemingly precariously underneath a massive cantilever and a facetted roof above. The glazing encloses the new dining area which, while getting a full view of the garden, is naturally shaded by the overhang of the cantilever.

The roof rises up to meet a skylight at its highest point. Right underneath that sits the monolithic marble kitchen island. Tall kitchen units clad in bronzed copper deflect light back into the deep space. All of which sits solidly grounded on a polished concrete floor that butts up against the existing brickwork of the house, which has been left fair-faced. Fire-glazed Crittal-style doors enable an uninterrupted long view from the main entrance into the new extension and beyond.

Similar materials have been used for the bathrooms: Concrete tiled floors are finished with golden grout joints to match the brushed brass taps and accessories. The walls and even doors are clad in marble bricks and Corten-steel tile panels.

One-and-a-half new stair-flights form the dramatic new centre-piece of the house. Perforated and folded mild steel sheets provide an adroit and delicate sculpture that happens to be the staircase. Natural daylight produces fabulous varying shadows that filter through it while in the evening deliberate asymmetric lighting recreates the effect.

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  • Begun: Aug 2019
  • Completed: Aug 2020
  • Floor area: 200m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £290,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Apr 2019
  • Procurement: JCT minor works
  • Address: Forest Gate, London, E7 0, United Kingdom

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