Slat House

Concept Eight Architects, Surrey, 2021


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Slat House consists of a ground floor extension, external timber canopy, swimming pool deck and internal reconfigurations to a detached family home.

The conservatory was demolished and kitchen enlarged through addition of the raked-roof extension, which both improved garden connectivity through cornerless sliding doors while enhancing gardens views by framing the mature tree and foliage lined rear boundary through an expense of glazing and clerestory windows.

The orientation of the house meant that the best far-reaching views were oblique with some large mature protected trees to the left and right of the site. The design introduced sloping roof forms and triangular glazing that allowed views of these trees from the kitchen and dining table, along with large amounts of uplifting sky-filled views.

The newly formed room opens out into a diagonal living room complete with a picture oriel window, through which is glimpsed olive tree laden landscaping and outdoor swimming pool and deck. The importance of indoor/outdoor living is exemplified by both rooms boasting direct connection throughout slim framed sliding door sets to the covered external living space with is complete with rooflights to reduce directly sunlight loss to the internal spaces.

Externally, the protruding Siberian larch louvre slats create a rhythmic shadowplay. This form maximises sunlight in winter while the larch-clad canopy provides solar shading in summer. Continuously timber cladding extends to the fascia and raked soffit of the newly fabricated hidden guttering, blending old and new.

The white rendered walls beneath the raked timber canopy hint at the ‘wattle and daub’ Tudor panelling set within a timber frame to the upper level of the existing house, allowing the addition to be simultaneously materially harmonious and volumetrically contrasting to transform this family home, recreating the feeling of a Mediterranean holiday with a distinctly British vernacular.

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  • Begun: Sep 2020
  • Completed: Apr 2021
  • Floor area: 255m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £205,500
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Aug 2020
  • Procurement: Traditional procurement and JCT intermediate building contract
  • Address: Cobham, Surrey, KT11, United Kingdom

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