House in Dalston

Neil Dusheiko Architects, London, 2019


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  • _01_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _02_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation_with_snug_window_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _03_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation_to_dining_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _04_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_view_from_kitchen_to_snug_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _05_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_view_from_dining_room_to_rear_facade_and_living_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _06_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_dining_room_and_kitchen_to_brick_arch_and_outrigger_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _07_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_view_from_kitchen_to_dining_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _08_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_kitchen_to_dining_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • _09_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_dining_room_to_kitchen_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 10_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_dining_room_to_rear_garden_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 11_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room_to_brick_arch_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 12_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 13_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 14_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room_joinery_unit_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 15_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_cladding_detail_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 16_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_extension_threshold_detail_-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • 17_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_snug_to_kitchen-_after_ctimcrocker    
  • ajsp2020-01_ex_and_pr_ground_floor_plans-ground_floor_plan_    
  • ajsp2020-02_ex_and_pr_ground_floor_plans-first_floor_plan_    
  • ajsp2020-03_ex_and_pr_rear_elevations-elevations    
  • ajsp2020-04_ex_and_pr_sections_aa-sections    
  • ajsp2020-05_ex_and_pr_sections_bb-sections    
  • _01_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation_-_before    
  • _03_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation3_-_before    
  • _04_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation4_-_before    
  • _02_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_elevation2_-_before    
  • _05_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_rear_kitchen_-_before    
  • _06_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room_-_before    
  • _07_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_living_room2_-_before    
  • _08_house_in_dalston_ajsp2020_entrance_hallway_-_before    

Ground floor rear infill extension to existing property in conservation area

Reclaimed brick, timber slats, aluminium glazing create a bright kitchen living space blurring the line between home and garden. The project is a substantial upgrade to the young family’s house in need of modernisation and refurbishment. Our design adds a new light filled side extension at the ground floor level for flexible dining room/ living space.

Large apertures which open out to the garden and a continuous brick pammet level threshold were introduced to create a better connection between the house and the garden. Previously the front door opened straight into the living room. Joinery was used to create a separation between the entrance and the living room and much needed storage., for coats on the entrance side and a media point for the clients’ record collection and projector in the living room. Every nook was carefully considered and designed to maximise the amount of storage including partitions, benches and panelling.

Mindful of the existing character of the house, the original ground floor rear window openings, with its curved brick arch, made a natural doorway between the kitchen and reception-living room. The Yellow London Brick façade of the original house was retained and left exposed within the extension to show the threshold between the original and new extension.

Photography by Tim Crocker


  • Begun: Sep 2018
  • Completed: Feb 2019
  • Floor area: 192m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £220,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Jul 2018
  • Procurement: JCT minor works with contractor design portion
  • CO2 Emissions: 5476kg/m2/year
  • Address: Tottenham Road, London, N1, United Kingdom

Professional Team