Carpenter | Lowings, Malmö, 2017


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Orientation seen as an enigmatic object in the landscape 

Peo Olsson     Download Original

  • Orientation seen as an enigmatic object in the landscape    
  • Orientation illuminated softly at sunrise    
  • Orientation seen from the open-jointed sheltered viewing side    
  • Interior view showing the     
  • The structure seen in the landscape    
  • Photo showing the tip of the triangle and the     
  • Marianne Morild    
  • Bees returning to the integrated hive within Orientation    
  • Perspective drawing    
  • Exploded axonometric showing construction components    
  • Cross section    
  • Plan section    
  • Roof element    
  • Initial design sketch    
  • Experimental model    
  • Artistic sketch    
  • Construction of Orientation in the in workshop    
  • On-going off-site construction     
  • On-site mirrors installation    
  • Introduction of integrated beehive upon completed installation works    
  • Concept diagram    

Orientation is a small-scale art project initially designed for Agrikultura - a temporary outdoor exhibition run in Malmö, Sweden in summer 2017.

The structure is simultaneously a ‘potential memorial’ for the bees, and a celebration of the sun on which all life depends.

It makes specific reference to the marvellous and mysterious components of bee orientation: verticality (gravity); geometry (beehive cell structure); and the position of the sun relative to the hive.

The project also refers to the mortal threat to global bee population from certain insecticides, which can interrupt the neural orientation processes by which bees find their food. This severely impacts human food production, since one third of it is bee-pollinated.

The enigmatic triangular monolith in the landscape gives no hint of its interior until visitors are drawn under its shelter, where gaps in the horizontal boards allow viewers to see inside.

Enclosed is a darkened space which reflective surfaces on the inside transform into a hexagonal ‘cell’. The light column symbolises the sun and emits six beams of light which fall across the floor and move as the sun traverses the sky. Only one beam indicates the true direction of the sun.

The sides of the structure are waterproofed with wood preservative, the heavy smell of which evokes the toxicity of the neo-nicotinoids which lead to the bee’s decline. Subtle bee wing and flower paintings by Marianne Morild in dripping black gloss oil-like paint adorn the outside.

A beehive is included as part of the exhibit in collaboration with a local beekeeper. The bees enter at the foot of the tip of the triangle, away from the viewing position.

‘Orientation’ has been acquired by the City of Bergen, Norway, where in it will become part of a newly created Sculpture Park Trail in early 2018.


  • Completed: Jul 2017
  • Floor area: 2m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £7,000
  • Address: Agrikultura, Hyllie, Malmö, 216 25, Sweden

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