Made in Oakfield

Matt + Fiona - Matthew Springett, Fiona MacDonald, Hull, 2017


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North Elevation 

French + Tye (website)     Download Original

  • North Elevation    
  • Model making workshop with the students    
  • Student fixing the deck structure    
  • Students & Ste laying the decking    
  • Installing the pivoting doors    
  • First coat of rubber paint    
  • Volunteers cladding the roof    
  • The Mayor of Hull with the Students, Teachers & Volunteer Team    
  • South Elevation, doors closed    
  • Interior - acrylic roof lights, door mechanisms (pulleys & cleats)      
  • Pivoting doors open to create a canopy    
  • South Elevation, doors open    
  • Portobello Street Allotments, Hull    
  • The lookout tower    
  • Dusk on the allotment    
  • East elevation at sunset    
  • Made in Oakfield - structure + cladding    
  • 174-100 Site Diagram    
  • 174-210 Setting out    
  • 174-211 Deck    
  • 174-212 Ground Floor Plan    
  • 174-310 Section AA + BB    
  • 174-311 Section AA + BB Details    
  • 174-410 Front Structural Elevation    
  • 174-411 Rear Structural Elevation    
  • 174-412 Side Structural Elevations    
  • Visualisation    
  • Proposed + Built comparison    
  • The students    
  • Design progression    
  • 174-610 Pivot Door Detail    
  • 170515 - 174-702 Bolt-on Winter Window Detail    

Self-build, timber learning space designed and built by 11-16 year olds in Hull as part of City of Culture 2017.

How many young people look around them and have a say in what they see?

Made in Oakfield, in partnership with Hull City of Culture 2017, was programmed, designed and built by a group of teenagers from Oakfield School, a residential school for young people facing emotional and behavioural challenges. Working with Matt+Fiona the project accelerated from the seed of an idea to a completed building within 3 months.

The council had given the school a long term lease of an allotment to give the students a space of their own for extra-curricular activities. However there was no much-needed poor weather provision.

At the outset, the group identified what they wanted the space to be: a den and social space as well as an outdoor classroom. The design then developed through model making workshops with Matt+Fiona. This led to specific requirements such as: to have mechanical, moving elements and a look out; to be bold & contemporary in design; and to address unpredictable weather and flooding on the site. The Matt+Fiona team then took these elements to form a feasible, final design that could be constructed by the pupils and volunteers in just one week.

The structure is a lightweight timber frame supported on a suspended deck. Born directly from the students’ ideas, the southern wall is designed with large, pivoting, counter-weighted doors that lock-down securely at night and open up in good weather to provide an extended canopy with deck below. The envelope is made of ply with a unique rubber painted skin. This not only creates a vibrant outer face and strong identity, but also ensured a quick, simple application to form a waterproof shell.

Self-build was integral to the project’s success and legacy. Ambitious education projects like this empower young people to realise they can not only be involved in the decision-making, but can literally be involved in transforming their local area. This is particularly important for young people at a school such as Oakfield who have not had the easiest start in life. It stands as a reminder that their perspective on the world is valued and that they can achieve brilliant things.


  • Begun: Apr 2017
  • Completed: Apr 2017
  • Floor area: 17m2
  • Sectors: Arts and culture, Education
  • Total cost: £21,805
  • Funding: Grant (Hull City of Culture 2017)
  • Tender date: Jan 2017
  • Procurement: None (direct grant)
  • Address: Oakfield School Allotment , Portobello Street Allotments, Portobello Street, Hull, HU9 5XZ, United Kingdom