Woodside Parker Kirk architects, Perth, 2017


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Old and new junction 

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  • Old and new junction    
  • Extensions and vanishing corner    
  • Garden elevation    
  • Corten extension    
  • Corten Extensioon and landscaping    
  • Original cottage and extensions    
  • corten detail, aluminum door    
  • Corten cladding, sloping aluminium window    
  • Corten against existing stone    
  • Aerial Plan    
  • New entrance and skylight    
  • Dining Room    
  • Dining room from first floot    
  • Drawing Room    
  • Plywood Staircase    
  • Open corner on extension    
  • Through to extension    
  • Existing Floor Plan    
  • Existing Elevations    
  • Proposed Floor Plan    
  • Proposed Elevations    
  • Proposed Section    
  • Demolition    
  • Demolitiion    
  • Wind and water tight    
  • Wind and water tight    
  • Proposed Detail    

Major alterations to an existing cottage including 2 new extensions forming a new entrance, open planning living area, 3 bedrooms and home office

The cottage sits on an elevated site on the northern side of Perth within a conservation area with views back across the city. The aim of the project was to create a modern home by altering and extending, whilst also maintaining the distinctive character of the existing buildings. The approach was to make a series of clear, simple architectural interventions to rationalise the layout, access and flow of the interior.

The first intervention was to create a new entrance as there was no focal point or direct access from the street. The second was to strip back the existing building, revealing the cottage in its original proportions. The texture and colour of the stone walls contrast the crisp, clean new surfaces and finishes. The third was to position the new extension at the centre of the building creating a strong link to the other living spaces.

The new entrance is flooded with light from above, transforming what was previously a damp and dark space. Sky lights are used throughout the design of this cottage to bring natural light deeper into the interior creating a bright, warm home.

The dining area is the middle of the house linking the original drawing room to the new kitchen/living area, there is also access to the first floor master bedroom. It is an important space as it brings together the three main element of the house, the cottage, the two-storey section and the new extension. By doing this, unique characteristics including the angles and shapes formed by the roof profiles and the composition of elements were exposed.

The new kitchen and living space flows through from the dining area culminating in generous panoramic views of Perth. Glazed sliding doors create a vanishing corner merging the interior and exterior.

The form of the extension is shaped by the relationship of the existing buildings, with a chamfered wall utilised to reduce the impact on the drawing room, both in terms of incoming natural light as well as the view looking out.

In a final intervention, an external store was reconstructed to form an elevated home office with views down the lane to garden. All three extensions are clad in corten steel chosen to compliment and contrast the stone of the original cottage whilst the variation and texture of the material add depth to the finish.


  • Begun: Nov 2016
  • Completed: Sep 2017
  • Floor area: 200m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £220,000
  • Address: Fairmount Road, Perth, PH2 7AW, United Kingdom

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