Bijlmer Station

Grimshaw, Arcadis Architecten, Amsterdam, 2007


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Bijlmer Station aerial view 

Mark Humphreys     Download Original

  • Bijlmer Station aerial view    
  • External facade of the station    
  • Bijlmer Station platform level    
  • Roof detail    
  • Roof detail    
  • Exterior canopies    
  • Bijlmer Station interior    
  • Biljmer Station interior    
  • Bijlmer Station structure    
  • Bijlmer Station interior view down tracks    
  • Exterior canopies    
  • Ground plan    
  • Plan of platforms    
  • Roof plan    
  • Long section    
  • Exploded view    
  • Cross section full    
  • Cross section detail     
  • CAD concept drawing    
  • CGI aerial view at night    
  • CGI perspective at night    
  • Model view    
  • Model of roof structure    
  • Viaduct under construction    

Train station with eight elevated railway tracks raised over a 70m-wide pedestrian boulevard, to serve a 52,000-seat stadium

A pedestrian boulevard aligned diagonally to the railway tracks was built to connect a commercial development, containing the Amsterdam Arena to the west, and residential area to the east.

Every aspect of the design process was informed by the need to create a pleasant and safe ground level public space. To avoid a dark 100m long tunnel, the concrete structures were spaced apart. Each 20m span was supported at each end on just one column via an integrated cantilevered saddle.

The lack of land to either side dictated a diagonal station hall facing the boulevard under the tracks. This diagonal slant dictated that the escalators, stair, lifts and roofs all be staggered.

Bijlmer Station had to remain open for the entire duration of construction. A viaduct carrying the extra pair of tracks was constructed first and trains from an existing pair of tracks were then re-routed onto it, leaving this area to be developed. The process was repeated until there were eight new tracks running at the raised level.


  • Begun: Jan 2002
  • Completed: Jan 2007
  • Floor area: 60,000m2
  • Sector: Transport
  • Total cost: £100M
  • Procurement: UAV contract for viaducts and platforms, UAV-GC contract for roof, glazing and finishing
  • Address: Bijlmer Station, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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