Waterloo Eurostar Terminal

Grimshaw, London, 1993


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Terminal roof and platforms 

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  • Terminal roof and platforms    
  • Entrance concourse    
  • Internal view of travelator to platforms    
  • Internal view of ticket sales desk    
  • Internal view of ticket booths    
  • Internal view of telephone bank    
  • Internal view of steel clad door    
  • Internal view of designer toilets    
  • Platform level plan    
  • Arrival level plan    
  • Departure level plan    
  • Roof plan    
  • North south section    
  • Section through the terminal    
  • Section showing telescoped truss    
  • Section through northern end of terminal    
  • West elevation    
  • Part west elevation    
  • 3D visual of     
  • 3D visual of tapering members    
  • Model of departure lounge    
  • Model of main concourse    
  • Development model showing exposed structure of west facade    
  • Model showing terminal from the west side    
  • Model showing the internal view of the western platform    
  • Work continues on the aluminium skeleton of the departure lounge ceiling    
  • Ticket booth plan    
  • Section through wash hand basin    

International terminal at Waterloo station providing transport from London to Paris, enclosed within a asymmetric roof structure

The brief was to build a 'streamlined terminal' through which passengers could pass with the minimum fuss at maximum speed.

The allocated site, adjacent to the existing station, was only just wide enough for five tracks meaning the terminal needed to be 'streamlined' structurally, as well as its internal organisation.

More than 90 per cent of the project is underground. This comprises the brick vaults, (refurbished to accommodate back-up facilities such as catering suites), a basement car park spanning the Underground lines and a two storey viaduct.

The roof's asymmetric form responded to the site layout, specifically the westernmost track in order to accommodate the height of the trains. This western side is clad entirely in glass providing passengers with views of Westminster and the River Thames.

The roof takes the form of a flattened, three-pin, bow string arch, with the centre pin moved to one side. The cladding system is flexible, with variably sized sheets of glass placed in an overlapping configuration that can flex and expand in response to the roof's various twists and turns.


  • Begun: 1989
  • Completed: May 1993
  • Floor area: 60,000m2
  • Sector: Transport
  • Total cost: £130M
  • Address: Waterloo Station , London, SE1 7LY, United Kingdom

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