Bromley Ambulance Station

Greater London Council Department of Architecture and Civic Design, London, 1972


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Interior of ambulance garage with spaceframe roof 

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  • Interior of ambulance garage with spaceframe roof    
  • Glazed spaceframe roof corner detail    
  • Exterior Corner    
  • Street view    
  • General view of east side showing entrances to administrative offices and staff car parking and exit ramp down from ambulance garage    
  • Service bays with stair towers beyond    
  • Vehicle washbay with temporary canvas curtain    
  • Entrance steps down to administrative offices    
  • Staff parking under ambulance garage    
  • Interior of staircase tower    
  • Ambulance men    
  • Fairfaced curved brickwork and floor tiles to administrative offices corridor    
  • Base of radio mast is fish pond in centra of administrative offices    
  • Dual purpose lecture hall - social room    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Lower ground floor plan    
  • Sections    
  • Detail of garage roof and cantilevered slab    

Ambulance station accommodating over fifty vehicle plus staff facilities

The first ambulance station in a series by the Greater London Council architect’s department, the scheme won a RIBA Award in 1973.

The ambulance station garaging fifty vehicles and staff accommodation, changing rooms, lecture hall/canteen, offices, maintenance workshop, control suite and car parking. The site has a natural slope, which has been exploited to provide shorter ramps to the raised ambulance garage and, via separate access, to car parking below.

The main garage floor is a waffle slab supported by stanchions. The space deck roof spans over thirty metres and is supported via a ring beam on reinforced concrete columns raised off the cantilevered edge of the slab. Engineering bricks are used generally for fairface work externally and internally, the rounded forms being made with standard curved bricks.


  • Begun: Aug 1970
  • Completed: Sep 1972
  • Floor area: 4,460m2
  • Sectors: Healthcare, Civic
  • Total cost: £310,560
  • Tender date: Apr 1970
  • Procurement: Limited fluctuations, GLC contract
  • Address: Crown Lane, Bromley, London, BR2, United Kingdom

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