Eddington Street children’s day centre

Darbourne and Darke, London, 1975


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Eddington Street 

Sam Lambert     Download Original

  • Eddington Street    
  • External view    
  • Parents and childrens    
  • Service entrance at north end    
  • Playground    
  • Overhanging eaves gives covered external play space    
  • In the courtyard the window to the central spine also serves as a rooflight    
  • Clerestory lights above coping wall    
  • Roof element passing over external wall    
  • Central spine    
  • Small courtyard ensures that the central spine has a direct link with the exterior    
  • Low cills make boundary between internal and external spaces very flexible    
  • Afternoon rest on folding beds    
  • Artificial lighing is fixed to tie members    
  • Babies    
  • Lowered ceiling areas can be touched by an adult    
  • Meals often eaten in group rooms    
  • Internal view    
  • Sliding doors and windows form a minimal barrier at the external wall    
  • Washing area    
  • Basins are fixed at suitable height for children    
  • Kitchen    
  • Laundry room    
  • Matron    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • Section A-A    
  • Site photo    
  • Detailed section through external wall    

Children's day centre for up to 60 children incorporating babies rooms, lavatories, laundry, kitchen and staff facilities

The brief required a nursery to DHSS standards with six group rooms for eight to nine children and two babies' rooms for up to five children each. Lavatories and lockers, laundry room kitchen and staff facilities are all accessed from the central spine.

The group rooms are arranged along the southern and eastern sides of the plan, with staff rooms and kitchen situated in the northern corner. The babies' rooms are separated by a walled garden to reduce the chance of disturbance by the older children.

High level windows allow natural daylight into the north facing rooms and central play area. The group rooms running along the eastern and southern side have large windows running the length of their exterior walls and a covered canopy to aid with solar shading. The timber roof trusses project beyond the glazed screens and are either supported on timber edge beams and posts or on second hand stock brickwork.


  • Begun: Jul 1974
  • Completed: Dec 1975
  • Floor area: 450m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £117,922
  • Tender date: Jul 1974
  • Procurement: JCT local authority edition with quantities
  • Address: Dulas Street, London, N4 3AF, United Kingdom

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