Bus Terminus and Offices

Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Dublin, 1954


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The covered passenger area of the bus park 

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  • The covered passenger area of the bus park    
  • Exterior view    
  • The junction between the four and six storey blocks    
  • The west facade, looking south    
  • View of the bus terminus across the Liffey    
  • The south elevation of the six-storey block showing the double glazed walls    
  • The office entrance hall    
  • Detail of the sixth floor rest room    
  • The central concourse    
  • Ceiling detail    
  • The spiral staircase to the control room in the central concourse    
  • head of teh staircsae at the entrance to teh penthouse    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Penthouse plan    
  • axonometric showing roof members of kiosk    
  • detail section of glass wall    
  • Plan and section of kiosk    
  • Working detail of joint    

L-shaped bus station and offices on the edge of Dublin City centre

The bus station comprises a central concourse, parking space for seventeen buses and various amenities for the public.

Passengers enter the bus station underneath a corrugated canopy that projects over the buses. The four and six storey blocks are planned on a standard unit of 10ft, allowing flexible partitioning around the offices as required. The offices are served from the lift hall by central internal corridors. A penthouse contains the staff restaurant.

The building is carried on a raft foundation which forms the basement floor. Buses enter and leave the station through large openings under each wing of the building. The superstructure over the openings is carried on three portal frames.


  • Completed: Jan 1954
  • Sectors: Transport, Office
  • Address: 1 Store street, Dublin 1, Dublin, Ireland

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