Pillwood House

Colquhoun and Miller, Cornwall, 1974


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External view 

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  • External view    
  • View from garden    
  • View from upper patio    
  • South view from garden    
  • View from drive    
  • Architect     
  • Fal River seen from gallery    
  • Upper gallery with blinds up to block direct sunlight    
  • Spiral stair linking studio and gallery    
  • Spiral stairs    
  • View from studio towards bedrooms    
  • Bedroom areas with all sliding panels pulled back    
  • View from gallery to kitchen dining area    
  • Kitchen from upper patio    
  • Upper patio seen from kitchen dining area    
  • Steel column running up to clerestorey peak    
  • Frame detail    
  • Careful detailing of sliding panels    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Short section    
  • Axonometric    
  • Construction cross-section through house    
  • Window, floor and roof detail    

Compact glazed holiday home providing accommodation for up to eight people with views over the Fal estuary

Taking advantage of the sloping site, the living and kitchen areas have been placed on the first floor. This provides views over the estuary and access from the upper terrace cut into the slope.

The ground floor bedrooms can be enclosed at night by means of large sliding doors and used as extra living space during the day. Two spiral staircases connect the first floor living area to the bedroom spaces below.

During the day the large conservatory space is used to make the most of the sun with banks of louvres arranged opposite each other creating a stack effect. Air movement is assisted by the juxtaposition of the cooler ground floor space, with internal roof blinds fitted to reduce glare.

The structure consists of double height steel columns connected to the concrete slab by shoes welded to the columns. Comprise steel, aluminium, GRP sandwich panels and safety glass are all left exposed to create a crisp appearance. The concrete slab is covered in PVC panels but utilised for its high thermal capacity.


  • Begun: Jul 1973
  • Completed: Oct 1974
  • Floor area: 121m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £37,750
  • Tender date: 1971
  • Address: Pillwood House, Pillcreek, Feock, Cornwall, TR3 6SD, United Kingdom

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