Barti Garibaldo, Annalie Riches, Silvia Ullmayer, Hackney, London, 2005


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The south facing facade with the terrace locked into its site 

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  • The south facing facade with the terrace locked into its site    
  • The rear of the terrace, the end houses clad in polycarbonate    
  • Looking north on the first floor in house 1    
  • House 1    
  • House 2    
  • Houses 3    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan, houses 1, 2 and 3    
  • Mezzanine floor plan, houses 1, 2 and 3    
  • Earlier drawing of south elevation    

Reworking of the terrace in Watcott’s Yard, Hackney, London. A self-build project creating three dwellings by two architects and a designer

The terrace is divided into three identical volumes by structural studwork party walls, each with a 47 square meter internal footprint. The footprint of the whole building is 141m2, each house has a floor area of approx. 90-100 sqm on 2.5 levels. The timber framing allows the south wall of the terrace to be fully glazed.

No. 1 is a house share with a workspace, No. 2 is a two-bed house and studio, and No. 3 is two self-contained flats.

The south facade shows a regular rhythm over the three houses, with some of the storey-height glazed panels as opening lights or ground-floor terrace doors.

Number 3 (the furthest east) has broken up some panels with a scattering of smaller opening lights. The gables and rear of Numbers 1 and 3 are clad in polycarbonate sheet, with some windows to the rear, though the polycarbonate also runs over openings as a cheap ‘obscured glass’ for privacy.

The rear of the centre house is fully glazed while the roof of the whole terrace is clad in sedum. Insulation is variously recycled newspaper and sheep’s wool.


  • Begun: Mar 2001
  • Completed: Nov 2005
  • Floor area: 141m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £350,000
  • Tender date: Jan 2001
  • Procurement: Architects acted as main contractors, coordinating trades.
  • Address: Whatcott's Yard, Hackney, London, N16, United Kingdom

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