Lough Mask Garden Room

Staunton Henderson Architecture and Interior Design, Mayo, 2023



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At a lakeside home, an addition of a “jewel box” aesthetic garden room, a link corridor plus a full internal renovation witha priority of creating a contemporary master-suite.

The brief was to allow the occupants to sensate the landscape from inside their home. On meeting the clients and seeing their home it was apparent that they were art lovers and have a rich and exciting life. A retired solicitor and a physiotherapist who sail on Clew Bay, and have original Louis Le Brocquy illustrations of The Táin and explained to me that part of the original cottage slab stones were still beneath the floor, soon became friends. We discussed the notion of memories, archiving history in the materials of their de- BAYA 2023 sign, what colours mean. These talks affected each design decision. The black timber floor is reminiscent of all of our grandparents floors, bringing us back to our roots. The merlot colour of the cabinets echoed the barberry shrub outside the kitchen window. The concrete area of floor in the kitchen is the location of the original cottage slab. The polished concrete counter top adds the texture of everyday life that the clients wanted to feel. The bathroom finishes, slate floor and carrara marble walls are particular memories of holidays in Ireland as children or Italy as adults. Artemeide light fittings were chosen because of their timelessness. The carpet and the way it varies in tone mirrors the lake water, always changing, and a mottled grey blue with a green undertone. Everything has meaning. The client’s dog Echo, an elderly springer spaniel, was given her own dog bath in the utility that doubles as a boot wash. And the sailing reference was introduced with the knots clothes airer and slated ceiling.


  • Completed: 2023
  • Floor area: 243m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £250,000
  • Funding: Client funded
  • Procurement: RIAI contract between Client and Architect.
  • Address: Lough Mask, Mayo, A96, Ireland

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