The Risby

Energy Positive Assets, Risby, 2020



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Energy Positive Assets (EPA) aim to advance the cause of Net Zero with a purpose is to transform the speed, cost and environmental impact of new buildings

Built off-site, using modern methods of construction, the Risby is the first in a new family of energy positive, system built homes: a 3 or 4 bed, 1600 sq ft home, The Risby is a net zero carbon home which generates more power that it uses as a result of the integrated solar panels.

The net carbon emissions are negative at -1050 kg of co2 per annum (ie, avoided or negative emissions). It uses 1060 kg of co2 but this is offset by the 2110 kg of co2 that is saved annually by the power generated from the integrated solar PV.

It also costs nothing to run in terms of it's energy requirement; it delivers an average energy saving for £1,200 pa when compared to similar new builds, around 1600 sq ft. Furthermore, it generates additional or excess energy equivalent to 20,000 miles power for an electric vehicle, or a total saving of £4,000 pa.

The three floor design includes the following specifications or features: airtight insulated timber panels; MVHR; air source heat pumps, integrated PV within the roofing and walls; rainwater harvesting; smart home assistant software; battery storage and EV charging. The fenestration and orientation are designed to maximise light and control solar gain.


  • Begun: Aug 2020
  • Completed: Nov 2020
  • Floor area: 127m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £124,000
  • Funding: private
  • Procurement: Not applicable - built as show site by designer/builder as a completed prototype
  • Address: Net Zero Place, Risby, IP28 6HH, United Kingdom

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