Kingscourt Nursery

MAP Architecture, Waterlooville , 2020



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The new low-impact nursery building nestles behind the existing school – the Grade II-listed Catherington House

[Historic Setting & Brief]
rom the early stages it has been important to ensure that the proposal sits in harmony with the historic context. Anthracite grey zinc complements the existing slate roof tiles and also unapologetically declares the presence of a contemporary design. Yellow window frames add a hint of playfulness and invite the visitor in, where bright yellow walls are the key interior feature.

The design supports the school’s ethos, which is to encourage curiosity and to promote an awareness of nature. The teaching room has two large picture windows with lowered sills, providing the children with views out into the gardens rich with oak, sycamore and yew trees. The generous high ceiling helps to stimulate learning, while large bi-folding doors connect the classroom to the playground.

[Low impact construction]
he building is constructed using a SIPs system which reduced the embodied carbon resulting in a high thermal performance and an impressive air tightness of 0.98. The ‘as built’ building CO2 emission rate is 15.12 kgCO2/m2 which improves the typical Part-L requirement by 25%. Additionally, the South-facing roof has been fitted with high performance PVs, boosting the building’s energy-saving capability.

[Building through lockdown]
ne of the greatest challenges the project faced was the threat that Covid-19 posed to the project both financially and logistically. The success of the project is due to the strong teamwork between the client, the designers and the contractor. The project was delivered on budget, completed on programme, while fulfilling the client’s high expectations.

[Future Legacy & community]
ingscourt School was in desperate need of a new kindergarten to serve the families within the community. This new building allows the school to provide much needed space for another teaching bubble to support their Covid-19 safety measures.

The kindergarten admissions are at a record high and have secured the school’s future for many generations to come. The additional space has also allowed the existing teaching spaces to be replanned to improve the school's ability to deliver high-quality teaching across the whole site.


  • Begun: Jul 2020
  • Completed: Oct 2020
  • Floor area: 64m2
  • Sector: Education
  • Total cost: £246,734
  • Funding: Cognita
  • Tender date: Nov 2019
  • Procurement: Traditional - JCT MWD 2016
  • CO2 Emissions: 15.12kg/m2/year
  • Address: Kingscourt Private School & Nursery, 182 Five Heads Rd, Catherington, Waterlooville , PO8 9NJ, United Kingdom

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