Ritz Corner Kiosk

Mizzi Studio, London, 2018



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In 2018, Mizzi Studio was awarded an ambitious commission for a replacement fleet of food kiosks across London’s Royal Parks

The project represented an opportunity to showcase how small-scale architecture could meaningfully impact the public life of both Londoners and millions of international visitors to the Royal Parks year on year. The design for each kiosk demanded a level of sensitivity towards not just the sanctity of the parks’ natural beauty, but the collective affection and familiarity they enjoy with their users – the millions of people who traverse the miles of green as they seek out recreation, food, drink, quiet moments, and connection with their families.

Each kiosk was born from Mizzi Studio’s signature brand of nature-inspired, craft-led design, aligning them with the material and tactile qualities of their verdant surroundings. The Ritz Corner kiosk exemplifies the holistic design approach that gave unity to the entire commission. Its steam-bent timber structure is articulated as a confident oblong pod, with a 360-degree canopy that extends vertically outward in the manner of blossoming lily petals. The kiosk works not just to integrate effectively within the surrounding Grade I listed landscape and historic buildings beyond, but has been designed to maximise on efficiency within its limited footprint and to be freestanding and transportable so, as per the brief, it can be moved at short notice in case of events.

The design accordingly takes into careful consideration the use of space, energy efficiency and practicalities such as waste disposal. A rear entrance leaves the sides of the kiosk available for subtle and efficient service features including integrated bins and condiment holders. In addition to the practical and functional improvements it offers compared to its predecessor, the Ritz Corner kiosk stands as one of nine visual ambassadors for tactile, organically-inspired material and elegant, bold form.

Photography by Luke Hayes


  • Begun: Nov 2018
  • Completed: Nov 2018
  • Floor area: 24m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £140,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Sep 2018
  • Procurement: Tender
  • Address: Green Park, The Royal Parks, London, SW1, United Kingdom

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