Stacked Up

Cryer and Coe, Bristol , 2017


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Roof top view  

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  • Roof top view     
  • Rear window view    
  • Across the room     
  • Across the bed     
  • Side view     
  • Side View 2    
  • BEFORE 2.jpg    
  • BEFORE AFER 1.jpg    
  • Front view    
  • Blue sky, grey box    
  • Living room rad    
  • Lights at night    
  • Lights at night 2    
  • Kitchen side view    
  • Kitchen front view    
  • Kids coats    
  • Sink view    
  • Soffit Lighting    
  • Box meets roof     
  • Box meets roof 2    
  • Box meets roof 3    
  • EAST ELEVATION - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • FIRST FLOOR PLAN - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • GROUND FLOOR PLAN - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • NORTH ELEVATION - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • ROOF PLAN - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • SECOND FLOOR PLAN - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • SITE PLAN - PROPOSED 1.200@A3.pdf    
  • SOUTH ELEVATION - PROPOSED 1.50@A3.pdf    
  • STREET SECTION - PROPOSED 1.100@A3.pdf    
  • Sketch - before and after    
  • Roof aff    
  • Bob    
  • WALL DETAIL - 1.10@A3.pdf    

Refurbishment of dilapidated Victorian Villa with zinc clad box roof top addition.

Although still full of original charm, this house had sat unloved for quite some time. The semi‐detached property dates from the mid 1800’s and is typical of the Victorian style which dominates the wider Bedminster Conservation Area. The houses strung out along this particular street vary in style and were built by local contractors tendering for larger contracts elsewhere in the city. It is within this rich mix of styles and design that Cryer and Coe were commissioned to oversee the refurbishment and addition of a contemporary roof top conversion.

Extensive works were required both inside and out with the original Pennant and Bath stone detailing to the forward elevation in need of complete refurbishment. Internally the layout has been kept largely untouched. The main focus was the insertion of a ‘black box’ within the existing butterfly roof, providing a master bedroom, ensuite and storage. The box has been concealed behind the parapet to the front of the property and through the use of a standing seam zinc cladding, contrasts visually with the context generally. Placing the box mid span on the roof both minimised the visual impact and allowed the existing roof profile and rhythm along the rear elevation to be retained. The materiality and colour of the roofing, rainwater goods and new timber sashes has been chosen specifically to complement the warmth of the stone.

The warm roof construction allowed the supporting structure to be revealed internally and within this module large rooflights ensure the bedroom, ensuite and stairwell are bathed in light throughout the day. At night the room is lit with recessed track lighting which provides a soft and relaxing environment.

The completed project has created a high quality contemporary family home whilst retaining and restoring much of the original features both externally and internally.


  • Begun: Oct 2016
  • Completed: Oct 2017
  • Floor area: 222m2
  • Sector: Residential
  • Total cost: £245,000
  • Funding: Private
  • Tender date: Jun 2016
  • Address: 30 Stackpool Road , Bristol , BS3 1NQ, United Kingdom

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