Parke-Davis Plant

PTP Architects, Torfaen , 1971


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View from garden 

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  • View from garden    
  • View of exterior through the trees    
  • Security block, with capsule building behind    
  • Administration building above river    
  • Signage    
  • Capsule block service doors    
  • Engineering block    
  • Exterior detail of administration building    
  • Office area    
  • Creeping growth of external installations outside engineering building    
  • Engineering block    
  • Production building with openings into sterile suite    
  • The approach from the south    
  • South side of manufacturing building    
  • Engineering block showing the vast chimmney    
  • Roof detailing    
  • Propellant gas store    
  • Location plan    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan of administration block    
  • First floor plan of administration block    
  • Ground floor plan of research block    
  • First floor plan of research block    
  • Ground floor plan of manufacturing building    
  • First floor plan of chemical block    
  • Mezzanine level plan of chemical block    
  • Plant room plan of chemical block    
  • Section DD of Chemical block    
  • Section EE of research block    
  • Section FF of administration block    

A large chemical plant comprising of sophisticated manufacturing and warehouse space on the edge of a national park in Pontypool

The Parke-Davis building has a deceptive air of simplicity, but within the plain brick envelopes of the building there is a wide range of highly specialised facilities with differing functional and environmental requirements.

The program comprises of several individual buildings that are positioned to suit their functional relationships; those concerned with the manufacturing processes being located in the centre of the site.

These manufacturing units are steel framed and windowless. In contrast the research and administrative buildings are of reinforced concrete and fully glazed. To achieve overall unity both types of building are clad in grey brickwork with the structural steel tresses expressed externally by pressed metal fascia.


  • Completed: Aug 1971
  • Floor area: 37,100m2
  • Sectors: Education, Industrial
  • Total cost: £2.5M
  • Tender date: Jun 1969
  • Procurement: RIBA Clause 31a deleted
  • Address: Pontypool, Torfaen , NP4 OYH, United Kingdom

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