St Giles Buildings, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

CSK Architects, Buckinghamshire, 1998


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St Giles Buildings 

Jonathan Moore (website)     Download Original

  • St Giles Buildings    
  • The two bold forms face each other accross the valley    
  • On the northern slope they take the form of a square quadrangle    
  • Semi circular bay window    
  • Living rooms and kitchens are erticulated as bays    
  • On the southern slope the buildings are organised around a circular court    
  • External access stairs minimise circulation space, hence reducing costs    
  • St Giles Building    
  • Typical living area-kitchen    
  • The Newland Park campus is in the green belt    
  • Site plan    
  • Plan of ensuite flat in St Giles Villa    
  • Lower ground floor plan of St Giles Quad (shared)    
  • Upper ground floor plan, St Giles Quad (ensuite)    
  • Plan of St Giles Court (shared)    
  • Site section through St Giles Quad and Court    
  • Site section, west elevation    
  • Detail section through semi-circular bay window    
  • Key elevation, plan and details of semi circular bay window    

Student accommodation that includes 405 new student rooms with ancillary kitchenettes and common room facilities

The brief was to provide 405 9m2 student bedrooms on a budget of £14,500 per room. The rooms were planned in clusters of five – an economic as well as social optimum – with a common living-room and kitchen for each group.

En-suite facilities are provided on 124 bedrooms, so they can be used for accommodation during conferences or as holiday lets. Also included are four disabled suites and two senior resident suites, together with a laundry and linen store.

The site, at the western end of a valley, slopes down from south to north and is enclosed by mature trees. The accommodation is organised in two bold forms facing each other across the valley. On the southern slope the buildings are organised around a circular court, while on the northern slope they take the form of a square quadrangle.

In addition there are four villas, two on the northern ridge and two in the valley. The effect is to create a strong sense of place and give a strong individual identity to each of the blocks, which would not have been possible with a more conventional layout.


  • Begun: Aug 1996
  • Completed: Feb 1998
  • Floor area: 6,706m2
  • Sectors: Education, Residential
  • Total cost: £5M
  • Procurement: JCT 80
  • Address: Buckingham University , Newlands Park, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4AB, United Kingdom

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