Outfield Farm Cabins

Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd, Abernyte, 2022



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Outfield farm is a wellness retreat overlooking the Tay Estuary and is committed to sustainable living with long established off grid credentials and eco solutions.

They built 3, two person retreats for stargazing, reflection and a chance to reset. • The Sheiling – A contemporary ‘bothy’, placed in a small steeply sloping wooded area. Bold cladding is screened by foliage and is glimpsed through the trees. • Bothan Dubh – Floating above the established pond, reminiscent of traditional Scottish boathouses. With a cantilevered viewing platform to experience the flora and fauna which inhabit the pond. • Whin – Inspired by bird hides it is ‘hidden’ within the existing gorse. The mirror cladding means it is all but invisible when looking from the surrounding countryside and village. A fun project with a serious message; to provide a comfortable experience of an off-grid lifestyle without the hair shirt. The outdoor spaces are as important as the indoor, with strong connection to the landscape and panoramic views. Showerrooms are outside, conjuring memories of camping when a kid. Wood fired hot tubs are open to the elements and there is the option of outdoor cooking. The retreats embody Outfield Farm’s ethos including super-insulation, low impact, local materials – water and waste treatment on site and electricity generated by the farm wind turbine. There is a local wildflower roof and Scottish larch is sourced from the sawmill a few minutes away. The buildings have minimal impact on the landscape - structures are both removable and transportable. It is a self-build project by the client, with real creative ingenuity; including a chandelier made from recycled gas canisters and towel rails crafted himself from copper piping. Services are visible so guests can see the veins and artilleries of the building often hidden behind the interior walls.


  • Begun: Jan 2021
  • Completed: Nov 2022
  • Floor area: 32m2
  • Sector: Hotel
  • Total cost: £320,000
  • Funding: Client funded
  • Tender date: Jan 2021
  • Procurement: Self managed separate trades by client
  • CO2 Emissions: 50kg/m2/year
  • Address: Outfield Farm, Abernyte, PH14 9RA, United Kingdom

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