SouthGate Bath

Chapman Taylor, Bath, 2010


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Aeiral view looking from central square to Blocks A and B 

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  • Aeiral view looking from central square to Blocks A and B    
  • Aerial view of Block B    
  • Stone facade    
  • Blocks A and B and pedestrian walkway    
  • Blocks A and B and pedestrian walkway    
  • External covered walkway    
  • Site plan    
  • Ground floor plan    
  • First floor plan    
  • Second floor plan    
  • Third floor plan    
  • Block D section 1    
  • Block D section 2    
  • Block E/F section    
  • Block D southwest elevation    
  • Block B northeast elevation    
  • Block B east elevation    
  • Block B north and north east elevations    
  • Block B west and south elevations    
  • Existing plan    
  • Blocks A and B    
  • West elevation of block B    
  • West elevation of block B and block C    
  • Construction of Blocks    
  • Completed block and concrete frame of new block    
  • Quoin detail    
  • Stone junction detail    
  • Window plan detail    
  • Doorhead detail    
  • Window detail    
  • Window plan detail    
  • String course detail    
  • Window plan detail    
  • Window sill detail    

Retail-led, mixed-use scheme in the Georgian style within Baths World Heritage and conservation area

The design for the five-hectare site creates an open scheme with streets and a major new square extending the urban grain of the city centre.

Shops, leisure facilities, housing and resturants developed around new pedestrian links will replace a single-storey shopping centre, bus station and car park.

The buildings are of a traditional design to compliment local architecture in an area with significant archaeological constraints.


  • Begun: Jan 2007
  • Completed: Sep 2010
  • Floor area: 54,000m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £136M
  • Procurement: Design and build
  • Address: SouthGate Street, Bath, BA1 1AQ, United Kingdom

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