Mhor Micro

linearchitecture, Balquhidder, 2016


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  • Shieling    
  • Shieling    
  • Shieling     
  • Shieling    
  • Cave    
  • Cave    
  • Cave    
  • cave    
  • Cave    
  • The Shieling    
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A self-build project for a summer festival

MhorMicro is a project the celebrated young design talent with a series of self-built microscale buildings exhibited at the annual Mhor Food and Music Festival in the Scottish Highlands.

The project started with a workshop weekend where twelve student and graduate architects came together in this spectacular location to explore the landscape and develop ideas with the project curators and the client.

Two groups of designers were formed and they developed their proposals using a set amount of materials that they were allocated – everything that they designed they would then have to construct themselves from this restrictive list: C16 timber or sheets of OSB.

One group opted to use just the C16 timber and the other group opted to use just the OSB sheets. The two resulting structures are called 'Shieling' and 'Uaimh' and despite their joint origins they couldn’t be more diverse. The Shieling is inspired by the traditional seasonal huts that give it its name; and Uaimh is inspired by the eroded forms of the falls beside the site.

The Shieling is constructed of alternate stacks of timber, corbelled to form a narrow aperture at the top. Uaimh is constructed of 142 uniquely hand cut sheets of OSB stacked and fixed to form an undulating, carved-out form that creates a structure seemingly eroded from the inside out.

The project enabled the young designers, under the guidance of an experienced team, to design, create and build at a small scale and then to see their designs experienced by the public at the festival – all within a three month period from inception to completion.


  • Begun: May 2016
  • Completed: May 2016
  • Floor area: 5m2
  • Sector: Arts and culture
  • Total cost: £3,000
  • Funding: Client
  • Tender date: Apr 2016
  • Procurement: self build
  • Address: Monachyle Mhor Hotel, Balquhidder, FK19 8PQ, United Kingdom

Professional Team