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St Mary's Church, a traditional Church renovation using VMZINC Quartz batten cap roofing. The zinc provides a pleasant alternative to lead within the heritage market 

Paul Kozlowski (website)     Download Original

  • St Mary    
  • Stockport College, Stockport College of Technology regenerate their campus with this contemporary building featuring 8000m² of VMZINC Anthra façade    
  • Computer Science Building York University, This 5,200m2 façade has a stunning combination of VMZINC QUARTZ and PIGMENTO vertical interlocking panels that subtly complement the rural, lakeside location of the building    
  • Myplace Youth Centre, This unique rhythmic building provides an inspirational and creative platform for Havering youth centre    
  • The Hurlingham Club, Pool Pavilion. This Lifted VMZINC QUARTZ standing seam roof imitates the hulls of upturned boats whilst allowing natural light into the interior    
  • City Quarter Leman Street. The VMZINC interlocking panels in; Quartz, Anthra and Natural, seen on this ensemble of residential buildings creates a dramatic feature of the Facade and soffit, against the historic warehouses of London    
  • 37 Snowsfields.This Renovation of an Edwardian shop front in VMZINC Pigmento Red bespoke panels subtly picks up the tones and colours of the surrounding buildings    
  • Borough Viaduct Acoustic Barrier. Clad in 2,200m2 of VMZINC QUARTZ cassettes this acoustic barrier stretches across the southern part of Borough Market in between a diversity of buildings    
  • Colindale Hospital Flats. 1,400m2 VMZINC Quartz composite panels providing large flat rain screen cladding to the ten storey high flats    
  • Stirling Sports Village. VMZINC Quartz and Anthra interlocking panel façade and standing seam roofing. The interlocking panels have an elegant appearance with a reveal joint    
  • 1 Eagle Place. In this renovation of an urban block using VMZINC Anthra standing seam façade against the bright ceramic contributes nicely to the historic surrounding buildings at Piccadilly    

VMZINC has almost two centuries experience of manufacturing a wide range of rolled zinc products for use in construction. In addition to the standing seam system, products include; rainwater systems, cladding systems and decorative roofing products

VMZINC standing seam system is highly cost-effective, both from an initial procurement and design life perspective. Whether for new build or refurbishment, VMZINC has been designed to complement a wide range of building materials and styles. The finishes available offer exceptional colour stability. VMZINC benefits from zinc’s self-protecting patina which develop as a result of exposure to water and carbon dioxide. This ensures that maintenance requirements will be minimal throughout the system’s design life and that the material’s installed appearance will be retained for many years.

VMZINC benefits: Lightweight and durable, design life of 80 years, virtually maintenance-free, can be installed on pitches from 3°-90°, BBA certified, conforms to EN988, fire performance rating ‘AA’ - BS 476: Part 3 (‘low vulnerability’ class in Scotland) VMZINC’s versatile standing seam system for use on warm or cold roofs.

A wide range of zinc roofing and cladding systems have been audited, with the systems receiving a Green Guide rating from A to A+. These profiles are available from www.greenbooklive.com and can be applied to the BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method).

Since 2009, VMZINC has been OHSAS 18001 certified with the manufacturing plants conforming, since 2004/5, to ISO 14001. ISO 9001 was originally obtained in 1997 and updated in November 2003 to conform to ISO 9001:2000.

  • Address: VMZINC
    Four Rivers House
    Fentiman Walk
    SG14 1BD