Peckham Mosque Extension

Benedict O'Looney Architects, Peckham, London, 2013


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Peckham Mosque - front view with adjacent London Board School 

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  • Peckham Mosque - front view with adjacent London Board School    
  • Peckham Mosque - New ploychrom brick minarets and extension and neighbouring Victorian Board School    
  • Peckham Mosque - view north along Choumert Grove    
  • Peckham Mosque - Roof & minarets view    
  • Peckham Mosque- Evening view of new roof-top prayer room    
  • Interior view showing glu-lam timber arches    
  • Peckham Mosque  Interior view showing three-pinned timber arches and glazed end screen    
  • Peckham Mosque - Detail of three-pinned glu lam timber arches and skylight    
  • Peckham Mosque - detail of timber lining and glu-lam structural arches    
  • Peckham Mosque external view showing three-pinned timber arched structure    
  • Peckham Mosque  Hand-made bricks and tiles to new minarets at the cylindrical to octagonal stages    
  • Peckham Mosque extension - front elevation    
  • Peckham Mosque Extension - 1:20 Section    
  • Peckham Mosque    
  • Peckham Mosque Extension - Arch apex design    
  • Peckham Mosque Extension - interior soffit study    
  • Peckham Mosque - Minaret design    
  • Peckham Mosque Extension - detail of steel arch feet     
  • The Peckham Mosque before the extension and minaret and completion project.    
  • Peckham Mosque Extension - minaret brick stage study    

Addition of a timber vaulted prayer hall and the completion of the unfinished minarets at Peckham's principal Mosque and Islamic Centre

The Peckham Mosque was begun in the late 1990s and left incomplete for a decade as the community raised further funds. The project, in a conservation area just west of Rye Lane, set out to complete and enlarge the Peckham’s central mosque, and complete the long-unfinished minarets.

The new barrel vaulted prayer room is designed to create positive and emphatic top to the formerly flat-roofed mosque. It’s pointed arch respects traditional Islamic form. The low-slung barrel vaulted form also delivers maximum daylight to neighbouring gardens. The vaulted prayer room is formed by 8 three-pinned glu-lam timber arches, clad in zinc. Timber is celebrated in the interior with a carefully detailed timber lining.

The minarets synthesize Mughal architecture with British Arts and Crafts design. In a departure from much British Islamic architecture, these minarets use traditional materials, including tiles and hand-made special bricks from a Dorset brickworks. The polychrome brickwork minarets playfully communicate with the handsome Victorian Board School across the street.


  • Begun: Mar 2011
  • Completed: Jun 2013
  • Floor area: 180m2
  • Sector: Religious
  • Total cost: £237,000
  • Funding: A community-funded Mosque extension project
  • Tender date: Nov 2010
  • Procurement: JCT minor Works Contract
  • Address: The Peckham Mosque & Islamic Centre, 13 Choumert Grove, Peckham, London, SE15 4PD, United Kingdom

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