Bodegas Protos

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Valladolid, 2008


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Aerial view 

Katsuhisa Kida     Download Original

  • Aerial view    
  • Grapes are weighed at the bottom of the ramp, then taken to be processed     
  • Laminated timber beams    
  • As seen from road    
  • The materials of the building are traditional but uses in a contemporary way    
  • The five interlinked vaults step back following the triangular perimeter of the base of the building    
  • The production level under the timber roof is protected from direct solar radiation but benefits from natural ventilation    
  • The dimmed lighting in the cellar emphasizes the nodes of the precast concrete structure while providing a warm atmosphere    
  • Winery in the in the shadow of Peñafiel castle    
  • Bodegas Protos is situated in a small agricultural town in northern Spain    
  • Access level plan    
  • Production level plan    
  • Cellar level plan    
  • Roof plan    
  • Section    
  • Section 2    
  • Elevationto    
  • Diagrammatic sketch of roof level plan    
  • Concept diagram showing progression of the grapes through the different levels of the buildings    
  • Section of the building with diagrams showing the different phases of wine making    
  • Diagrammatic sketch of the scheme    

Facilities for a winery in northern Spain

The scheme effectively forms an extension of the existing winery facilities, where there are more than two kilometres of tunnels and subterranean galleries beneath the castle hill.

These spaces dedicated to the production and ageing of wine are connected by a tunnel to the new building, which presents a modern reinterpretation of traditional winery construction.

The new facilities are housed under five laminated timber arches and a terracotta tile-covered roof with steel supporting arms and a double-height basement area for storing wine.


  • Begun: Jun 2004
  • Completed: Sep 2008
  • Floor area: 19,540m2
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Total cost: £16M
  • Funding: Private
  • Procurement: Construction Management
  • Address: Bodegas Protos, 24-28, Peñafiel, Valladolid, E-47300, Spain

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