Mobile Work / Shop

Architecture Studio 3, London, 2013


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  • Where will the harvest go at The CASS    
  • Current location at abbey gardens    
  • Where will the harvest go - interior    
  • Community activities ran by students    
  • Construction plan    
  • Construction section    
  • Exploring materiality    
  • Reactivating the street at Austin Estate    
  • Students constructing    
  • Events poster     

Re-working of an earlier Studio 3 self-build, to produce a mobile workshop and shop

Architecture Studio 3 is a Live Projects Undergraduate Studio at the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design exploring new ways of looking at the role of the architect and the practice of architecture whilst delivering a built project.

In 2012/13, 2nd year students revisited a previous structure built by Studio 3 students in 2008, and re-designed it on a £700 budget.

The Mobile Work/Shop links two sites in East and West London, and transferred knowledge from a community garden in Stratford to a Housing Estate in Hayes.

The project saw several design phases and presentations to the client community with students working in a team, learning about the importance of collectivity and generosity. They learnt how to share authorship, how to experiment by ‘making through hands-on construction’ and to experience the effect of sociability both inside the design studio and outside in the city running workshops to involve local communities.

The project will continue beyond the academic year, with an artist residency programme in the Stratford Community Garden, and a locally and institutionally supported initiation with the communities in and around the Hayes Austin Housing Estate.


  • Begun: Dec 2012
  • Completed: Apr 2013
  • Floor area: 6m2
  • Total cost: £700
  • Funding: 500
  • Procurement: Self Build by undergraduate Architecture Studio 3
  • Address: Abbey Gardens, Bakers Row, London, E15 3NF, United Kingdom