Sill to Sill Farm Shop

NOTCH: Julian Bond, Sigrid Bylander, Lucy Paton, Benedetta Rogers, London , 2013


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Sill to Sill Farm Shop 

Lucy Paton     Download Original

  • Sill to Sill Farm Shop    
  • Sill to Sill Shop from farm entrance     
  • Clover the goat taking a stroll    
  • Lockers for the Growing Communities Vegetable Scheme    
  • Cork Notice-board    
  • Shop Interior, shelf supports made of seatbelts salvaged from London Black Cab    
  • S2S_10.jpg    
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan    
  • Proposed Cross Sections    
  • Proposed Front Elevation    
  • Axonometric    
  • Reusing The Sash Window    
  • Day 9    
  • Day 07    
  • The final coat    
  • Making the Vegetable Locker doors    
  • Day 15.jpg    
  • 06_Under Construction.jpg    
  • S2S_Elevation.jpg    
  • SilltoSill _Window_Detail    

A Farm shop and information point at the entrance of Hackney City Farm for the sale of plants, fruit, vegetables, farm merchandise and incorporating lockers for the Growing Communities Vegetable Scheme

The Sill to Sill design was the winning entry for an Architecture Competition held by Hackney City Farm, an environmental charity based in East London. 

The design seeks out and reuses discarded timber sash windows, relocating them playfully across the facade of the new shop. These windows, cut from their original homes, are given a new lease of life as bench, counter, roof light, notice board or shelf, proudly displaying plants and herbs on their colourful sills and flooding the interior space with light.

Continuing the recycle and reuse ethos; the walls around the windows are constructed from old scaffolding boards. The horizontal lines of the boards, laid one on top of the other, compliment the rigid geometry of the surrounding farm buildings built from London stock bricks.

The edges of the boards, painted in bright colours and carefully planed, further emphasise this horizontal pattern and subtly guide the eye towards the painted window sills. Though visually sophisticated, the design utilised basic timber construction techniques and simple materials in a manner that could easily be assembled by a team of unskilled volunteers.


  • Begun: May 2013
  • Completed: Oct 2013
  • Floor area: 17m2
  • Sector: Retail
  • Total cost: £3,000
  • Funding: Registered Charity / Donations
  • Tender date: Oct 2013
  • Procurement: Self Build
  • Address: Hackney City Farm, 1a Goldsmith's Row, London , E2 8QA , United Kingdom