The Shade House

Sheffield School of Architecture Live Project, Manchester, 2012


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View from the street 

Lee Ling-Wei     Download Original

  • View from the street    
  • Birdseye view    
  • Aquatic area    
  • View through    
  • Gabion detail    
  • View through    
  • Building detail    
  • Internal area    
  • Cladding section    
  • Cladding detail    
  • Process    
  • Prototyping on site    
  • Budget    
  • Stakeholders involved in the project    
  • Sustainable material strategy diagramn    
  • Construction details    
  • Construction details    

A shaded sales area to house plants for Hulme Community Garden Centre. Constructed entirely from waste and reclaimed materials

The Shade House is a collaborative project between students from The University of Sheffield and Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester - a not for profit organisation. It was undertaken by a group of 12 Masters students from the Sheffield School of Architecture with assistance from the HCGC volunteers and was designed and built in the space of 5 weeks (24/09/2012 - 26/10/2012).

The project marks the first stage in the redevelopment of the neighbouring car park which will eventually double the Garden Centre’s site.

The structure creates a physical link between the existing garden centre and the extended site and provides a sales area for shade loving plants - the first component that will form a larger sales area.

The curved timber structure is situated adjacent to the main road and is designed to attract attention to the garden centre - contrasting with the dense hedge-line of the existing garden centre and the sparse undeveloped new site. Views through the structure are encouraged through the permeable bamboo cladding whilst providing shady conditions for the plants.


  • Begun: Oct 2012
  • Completed: Nov 2012
  • Floor area: 14m2
  • Sector: House
  • Total cost: £1,154
  • Address: Hulme Community Garden Centre, 28 Old Birley Street, St. George's, Manchester, M15 5RG, United Kingdom